With the summers setting in and the mercury levels soaring we know that the season of fatigue and sweat is not too far. Summer brings in humidity along (especially the coastal areas) and thus increases the chances of dehydration, skin sensitiveness and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Hence here are a few tips to keep one fit and healthy this summer.

There are certain foods and drinks that are meant to be consumed during summers which have a cooling effect on the body, so let’s that a sneak peek into these cooling foods.

1. Choice of foods

Summer fruits and vegetables

Eating less or eating light is best way to be comfortable during summers. Eating light makes digestion easy. Avoid heavy gravies and meat, instead include fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals as they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. These days most fruits are available throughout the year but consuming seasonal fruits have their own charm and nutritional benefits. Load up on mangoes, berries, watermelons.

2. Spice up your summer

Summer Spices
Summer Spices

Spices like jeera (cumin) , elaichi (cardamom) . kesar (saffron) , haldi (turmeric) are a few spices which have a cooling effect on the body and according to our ancient Ayurveda help ward off many diseases.

3. Think about your Drink

Summer drinks

Water undoubtedly remains the first and best choice to quench your thirst. Water helps to keep body hydrated during hot and humid weather. Gulp down 8 to 10 glasses of water whether you feel thirsty or no. Avoid caffeinated beverages and carbonated drinks as they make dehydration worse. Kokum sherbet, aam panna , coconut water , lemon juice are also good options if one doesn’t like plain water as they have other benefits like improving digestion , and replenishing lost electrolytes.

4. Exercise


Exercise is very important during summers but even more important is to keep ourselves hydrated. If the sun is too harsh prefer indoor activities to stay fit and healthy.

Follow these simple yet important tips to make your summers healthy and enjoyable!