Did you know every Indian kitchen is a treasure trove of desi superfoods which have been ignored for long and its high time we include them in our daily diets.

A guava may not be as photogenic as avocado and the bhindi may not have the glamour of broccoli but these humbler foods are storehouses of nutrients.

Here are a list of a few superfoods that are cheap and found in our backyard

  1. Coconut – it aids weight loss as it speeds up metabolism. Also good for the heart.
  2. Guava – this fruit has been found to have the highest concentration of antioxidants among indian fruits. 100 gms of guava gives 500 miligrams of antioxidants
  3. Pumpkin – pumkins bland flesh contains richest supply of carotenoids (anticancer properties)
  4. Jowar – grown in abundance in India this millet is high on fiber and potassium and phosphorus and thus known to lower blood pressure.
  5. Drum stick or moringa stick – high on calcium and iron it helps in maintaining bone health and increases over all stamina.

Eat healthy eat local.