Energy Drinks and Power Bars – Power or Hype

Energy drinks and nutrition bars a variety available in the markets make big promises of increasing energy and causing alertness, boosting athletic performance. But how true are these promises?
Let’s find the truth:

  1. They contain excess sugar: Most of the nutrition bars are high on added sugars and calories and cause weight gain and not to forget tooth decay. It is ok for athletes who burn a lot of calories to consume these bars sometimes but for a normal adult it is overdose of calories and sugar.
  2. Energy drinks contains caffeine: Caffeine has a stimulant effect and causes a dip in the energy levels in the long run, it also causes an addiction and consuming it in large quantities has serious health hazards.
  3. Nutrition bars claim to be meal replacers: Nutrition bars contain vitamins but however cannot give you all the nutrients provided by a wholesome meal. So don’t replace meals with these energy bars as they definitely do not contain all the nutrients required for growth and development.
  4. Expensive: Most of the nutrition bars and energy drinks are expensive and can be easily opted out. Instead opt for water and snacks like whole fruits and nuts and dried fruits.

With our busy lives it is very easy to get carried away by the attractive advertisements and pick up the products which claim to provide energy on the go, but we should open our eyes and be smart to read the food labels carefully and only then chose foods. The key to good health is eating healthy and regular physical activity. And the best foods are natural foods as they contain no additives and provide energy as well as other micro nutrients.
So don’t choose the energy drinks and nutrition bars as a convenient food as they just provide an overdose of sugar and caffeine.

It is easy to get carried away or swayed by the hype created by the food products in the market but to know the real power these foods offer one must carefully read food labels and make smart choices.