Fad Diets

  • These are diets which become popular in a short time and are sold as the best and fastest approach to lose weight.
  • These diets usually eliminate or promote certain foods or are endorsed and vouched by famous people.
  • Most of these fad diets lack major nutrients and can lead to many health problems.
  • Most of the fad diets have one thing in common they serve as a temporary solution for a lifelong problem people are struggling with.
  • Once these fad diets are stopped the lost weight comes back even more quickly and makes it even more difficult to be lost.
  • Fad diets are also not a lifestyle modification which is necessary to keep the weight off and are not sustainable for long.
  • Thus fad diets are just fancy and trendy weight loss plans which promise dramatic results but usualy are not healthy and don’t result in long term weight loss.
  • Thus eat smart eat healthy.