Healthy  Diwali

Healthy Diwali

With Diwali being around the corner we all have lot of plans. Right from decorating our houses meeting family and friends and last but not the least eating Diwali sweets.  

Eating Diwali sweets but with a fear of gaining weight makes the fun of the festival low. So lets give you all a few simple tips for this festive season to be healthy.

  1. Portion Control  – eating sweets in small portions can make one avoid putting on weight and also enjoy the delicacies of the festival.
  2. Switch – to homemade mithai which can be made using sugar substitues like dates and figs and jiggery. Also if sweets are made at home we can control the amount of nuts and sugar substitutes used .
  3. Regular exercise –  Don’t make Diwali as an excuse to skip workout, with the late night celebrations remove atleast 30 minutes for your fitness routine and you will be no more worried about weight gain during the Diwali celebrations.
  4. Be hydrated – keep yourself well hydrated this season with the intake of alcohol. Intake of alcohol causes dehydration which in turn is a root cause for other problems like nausea, fatigue and indigestion.  
  5. Sleep well – The late night celebrations take away your sleep and in turn causes fatigue. Manage an afternoon nap to cover up the lost sleep. Lack of sleep is known to cause weight gain hence its important to sleep well to be healthy.

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