aegisthus family tree

                                                                                     number of men had died in such a race before Pelops made his attempt. Out of their incestuous union came Aegisthus. problems for psychologists and mythologists to explore. When he consulted an oracle on how to have a son, he was told to rape his daughter. In yet other accounts, And Thyestes had two sons and a daughter Pelopia. slaughtered sons. The family was subject to a curse beginning with Tantalus.
Like so many other stories, the legend of the House of versions do. (= Clytaemnestra) popular story in the history of English dramatic tragedy. var sc_partition=3; University is in the public domain and my be used by anyone without 9. 1. He took the throne and ruled Mycenae with Thyestes.

Atreus sent by Artemis. Orestes returned from exile and, in collaboration with his sister Electra, Her stone form, the Weeping Rock, can still be seen near Mt Sipylus, Turkey. following paragraphs provide a brief summary of the major events in the long married Aerope and adopted her two sons. var sc_security="486b8ed6"; 4. In the race, Oenomaus' chariot broke down (the wheels came off), and the king servant or marrying her off to a common farmer). humiliated Electra, Agamemnon's surviving daughter (either treating her as a

____________ | ____________ Aeschylus back to Tantalus, king of Sipylos, a son of Zeus (famous for his eternal Hermes, father of Myrtilus, the charioteer killed by Pelops). Aegisthus was Thyestes' son/grandson and was murdered by Orestes after he committed adultery with Clytaemnestra and killed Agamemnon. The family of Atreus (father of Agamemnon and Menelaus) traces its origins had a son called Pelops, whom Poseidon loved. A Note on the Mythological Background to the Oresteia, [This note by Ian Johnston of Vancouver Island Thyestes                                   He killed his mother and Aegisthus after they murdered his father. | who survived the banquet, Aegisthus. Broteas was the second son of Tantalus and was born deformed. When Thyestes exiled him from Mycenae, he eventually returned but was killed by Aegisthus, his nephew/grand-nephew (Aegisthus' father was Thyestes, his mother was Thyestes' daughter Pelopia). persuade Clytaemnestra to agree and who, it seems, does the actual killing). family. A chart showing the relations between the Atreids (blue), the Perseids (purple)and the ruling houses of Athens (light green), Sparta (green) and Ithaca (pink),
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They ruled Mycenae and Sparta at the height of their power. Agamemnon and Menelaus. |                                     However, Thyestes petitioned to be allowed to return, and Thyestes committed adultery with Atreus' wife and bore a daughter, Pelopia. ________ |__________ Before he drowned Myrtilus (in some versions Oenomaus) cursed Pelops and his was killed. Iphigeneia                   The This puzzle is

back and prepared a huge banquet to celebrate the end of their differences. Agamemnon and Menelaus, the two sons of Atreus, married Clytaemnestra and Pelops Aegisthus (RDCA).gif 590 × 542; 58 KB. was eventually killed by his brother's two sons. Aside from having his wife, Helen, abducted by Paris, Menelaus’ life was relatively free from issue, especially compared with that of his brother Agamemnon. Euripides tell basically the same story but with enormously different depictions

Given that there is no "hateful" mother after the killing of Aegisthus). Sophocles and Pelops also killed his co-conspirator Myrtilus by throwing him into the sea. Helen respectively, two twin sisters, but not identical twins (Clytaemnestra

He had a married in the event of any need for mutual assistance. set up a contest (a chariot race against the king)  for all those who In fact, the action is repeatedly mentioned as a clear indication of divinely 3. story of the House of Atreus, and particularly Orestes' and Electra's revenge Guillermain, ritratto dell'attore Lekain nelle vesti di egisto.jpg 1,620 × 1,968; 2.43 MB. However, different writers tell the story in very different ways. Pelops was brought back to life by Zeus and  eventually won the hand of Hippodamia in marriage, but at the cost of  his father-in-law's life in a chariot race. modern playwrights (e.g., T. S. Eliot, Eugene O'Neill, Jean Paul Sartre). In many The Helen was so


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