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Back button focus is often used by advanced photographers as it provides a means to have separate control of the autofocus and shutter release. To move the focusing function away from the shutter release, first select the Custom Functions option from the menu. This method is commonly called “back-button … What is back button focus? Sport photographers often use AI Servo focusing with BBF. Generally, we use only the shutter release button to do both the tasks, to focus, and to click the picture.However, in the back button focus method, we use two separate buttons. So you’re free to use your shutter button as just that, a shutter! Here's an extract from an article in the July-September 2013 issue of EOS magazine which explains it all. I've seen several explanations about how once it is set up, you can either. You need to use a Custom Function to change the AE Lock button to a Back Button focus button. Anytime Canon puts a slash dividing two buttons in a custom function menu, the listed options on one side of the slash are assigned to the button on the … Back button focus means you no longer need to fiddle with the focus mode dial on your camera. AI servo does not have a beep as it is focussing all the time. But if you keep pressing the AF-ON button, you can take as many shots as you want, and the camera will use the same focusing … Open Custom Functions in the Menu 2. The first step of getting set up for back button focussing is to disable this. Set [C.Fn IV: Operation/Others] → [C.Fn-8 Shutter/AE lock button] to option [1: AE lock/AF]. In bird photography, pressing the button with the right thumb to focus is the better choice. Then try back button focusing which transfers control away from the shutter button to the AF-ON button. To do so, simply navigate to the ‘Custom Controls’ settings via the ‘Quick Menu’ on the back of your camera or through the main menu. How to Manually Select a Focus Point with your Canon Rebel DSLR Camera, Using Manual Focus with Live View for Canon DSLR Cameras, Canon Rebel T7i One-Shot Focus vs. This way you can lock focus and use the shutter button to take pictures and not have it refocus every single time. The AF-ON button can be set to be the only way to initiate focus, disallowing the shutter button … If your subject moves, focus again on your subject by pressing the back button and lock focus by releasing the back button. Interestingly enough, in the manual, there is no such thing as back button focus. Often referred to by pros as “back-button AF”, this feature lets the user customize the camera so that focusing is performed by pressing a rear button with the photographer’s right thumb. The objective here is to have independent control of our auto focus and shutter release. Canon was the first camera manufacturer to implement back button focus in 1989 and has put the feature in all DSLR models made in the last 8 or 9 years (yes, even the Canon Rebel XT and XTi). User2829114143 wrote: is there away to set back button focus on the Canon M50. If you were to look in the index to find out how to set back button focus, that term would not be … M-Fn button… Now select the option ‘Shutter button/AF-ON button’. I use back-button focusing, so I have this set to only "Metering start". Hi everyone, I have been playing around with back button focus after checking out a few videos and articles on it. Once focus is achieved, as long as you keep depressing the focus button, focus will be maintained using other focus points as the target moves off the center point. Once set up, BBF allows you to quickly focus on a subject by pressing the AF-ON button and then recompose the shot without the camera altering the focus when you press the shutter release button. If you would like to try out back button focusing with AI Servo, you may want to store the settings on one of the custom modes. Press the back focus button once to lock in focus on a fixed subject. Focus is still controlled using only the rear button. Use this setting if you’re worried about accidentally re-focusing. Depending on which Canon model you are using, the Custom Menu will be laid out a bit differently, but in all recent models the following functions can be found in the Custom Function Menu: 1. Until the arrival of the EOS 7D on previous EOS DSLRs back button focus had always been accessed via custom functions. In the Custom Controls screen… I noticed that AI SERVO is not working on the AF_ON button. If you use a Canon camera, the process of setting it up for Back-Button Focus starts with the Custom Function Menu. They can just take their thumb off the AF-ON button if an unwanted subject wanders into frame during shooting (which might throw the focus off the main subject). Scroll over to the orange camera icon. All that will be left is the metering of the scene and the taking of the photo. Focus is still controlled using only the rear button. Canon Collective Ambassador Kass Brumley starts out by explaining what back button focus is and what its advantages are (e.g. Back button auto focus uses the Canon camera’s Custom Function menu item to reassign what the AE Lock button does. I keep mine at AE lock to only lock the exposure when I half-press the shutter release. Often referred to by pros as “back-button AF”, this feature lets the user customize the camera so that focusing is performed by pressing a rear button with the photographer’s right thumb. Here they are, from left to right: Power On / Off Switch: self-explanatory. Lexy Savvides/CNET To fully enable back button focus using AF-On only, you will need to disable focusing when pressing the shutter button. Want to use autofocus on your Canon EOS camerawith a greater degree of control? Try it out and see what works for you. The task of autofocusing is instead transferred to the AF-ON button, which is conveniently located on the back of the camera under your right thumb. The options displayed may appear rather cryptic at first but it’s not complicated. To achieve manual focus, simply do not touch the AF-On button. That’s what back button auto focus is all about. Locks exposure when you press shutter release half-way and maintains this reading until you take your finger off the shutter release button again. To set up back button focus on a Canon DSLR , locate the Custom Controls or C.Fn option in the menu (the wording varies depending on … Back button focussing also makes switching between continuous focus mode and single shot focus mode (ONE SHOT) quicker and more intuitive. So if you are shooting a sequence of action shots (moving subject) you have to press both the shutter and the back button at the same time. This may at first seem more complicated, but many photographers find that after a brief period of practice, they wouldn’t want to revert to the more standard method. ; Shutter Release Button: by default, half-pressing the shutter release activates autofocus, while fully pressing it takes a picture.You can change the behavior to disable autofocus on half-press in order to use back-button focusing (explained further down in the article). This setting lets you customize the camera so that auto focusing is initiated by pressing the rear “AF-ON” button with your right thumb instead of by half pressing the shutter button. Setting up Back Button Focus on a Canon Canon was actually the first to introduce the back button option in 1989, and that feature is available on all but the original digital EOS Rebel. In most cases, your AF-ON button will be used for focus and focus only. Autofocus starts when you press the shutter release button, but is held off as long as you keep the rear button pressed. Here's an extract from an article in the July … Shutter button half press: Metering start. Canon was the first camera manufacturer to implement back button focus in 1989 and has put the feature in all DSLR models made in the last 8 or 9 years (yes, even the Canon Rebel XT and XTi). Thus I have an R6 with a (non original Canon) EF-RF mount … Back button focus. Use this setting if you’re worried about accidentally re-focusing. Use the AE lock (*) button to control focus if your camera lacks the AF-ON button. For years, Canon EOS cameras have offered photographers an option to change the way autofocus is activated. Secondly, no more constant refocusing. As a sports and wildlife photographer I want continuous focus most of the time. Option ‘0’ is the factory default where both metering and autofocusing are controlled by the shutter release button. Once you release the back button, the focus is locked on your subject allowing you to use your camera in single autofocus mode as long as your subject does not move. Firstly, alternate to the method of focusing through shutter release. If you don't use back-button focusing currently, you need to. Back-button focus is a camera technique that separates focusing and shutter release to two separate buttons.


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