departure antonym

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The door had been tied shut with a length of nylon. departure and continuation. The airline has more than 90 scheduled departures from here each day.
Choose the design that fits your site. English Encyclopedia is licensed by Wikipedia (GNU). Top antonyms for departure (opposite of departure) are arrival, advent and juxtaposition. the withdrawal of troops from Eastern Europe. ], become extinct, bite the dust, buy the farm, cash in one's chips, choke, conk, croak, decease, depart, depart this life, die, die out, drop dead, exit, expire, give-up the ghost, go, kick the bucket, pass, pass away, pass on, perish, pop off, snuff it - die - death - departure, exit, expiration, going, loss, passing, release - death, decease, end, expiry - Death - dead man, dead person, dead soul, dead woman, deceased, deceased person, decedent, departed - death - death - death, last - coming, departure, exit, going, going away, leaving - departer, goer, leaver - farewell, goodby, goodbye, leave, leave-taking, parting, valediction - takeoff - takeoff - euphemise, euphemize - euphemistic, inoffensive[Dérivé], disappeared, late, passed away, passed on[Devenir+Attrib. English thesaurus is mainly derived from The Integral Dictionary (TID). Absentee Ballot vs. Mail-In Ballot: Is There A Difference? Synonyms and Antonyms of Departure. is the web's best resource for English synonyms, antonyms, and definitions. departure and coming. Create an account and sign in to access this FREE content. Find another word for departure. Word of the Day: dimwit.

], break, break down, conk out, die, fail, get stuck, give out, give way, go, go bad, go wrong, jam, pack up, seize up[Domaine], birth, nascence, nascency, nativity - be born - come, come up - stay - dysphemism[Ant. departure and appearance. arrival . His timely departure . “Departure.” Thesaurus, Merriam-Webster, & Surv.
barred him from the knowledge of his son's miseries. ], remove, shift, strip off, take, take away, withdraw - cut off, insulate, isolate, seclude, segregate, separate, sequester, sequestrate - back away, back out, crawfish, crawfish out, pull back, pull in one's horns, retreat - disengage - back, draw back, get back, go backward, go backwards, move back, pull away, recede, retire, step back, walk backward, walk backwards - bow out - adjourn[Dérivé], act; human action; human activity; deed[ClasseHyper. . ○   Anagrams Milton. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better.

Departure antonyms What is the opposite word for Departure? The, Lizabetha Prokofievna received confirmatory news from the princess--and alas, two months after the prince's first, On the 30th of November, at the hour fixed upon, from the midst of an extraordinary crowd of spectators, the, Miss Pinkerton's attachment was, as may be supposed from the high position and eminent virtues of that lady, calm and dignified; but Miss Jemima had already whimpered several times at the idea of Amelia's, The answer to the telegram sent from the railway station had not arrived, when Alban took his, and he felt too that he would have to render a strict account to heaven of that indolence and seclusion; and so one day he asked the duke and duchess to grant him permission to take his, "Conseil," said I again, beginning with feverish hands to make preparations for my, He mechanically set about making the preparations for, The harbor of New York would doubtless be blockaded, and the.


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