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This past week though saw the unveiling of their debut production EP, appropriately titled Making Change, and it’s well worth checking out.

So hey, payback’s a bitch, Tony!” – Craze. Get up with these guys who you haven’t already as it looks like they will be doing a lot of dates together in the U.S. this year. Twitter And definitely do not miss Craze shutting down Verboten along with Sammy Bananas and DJ Wonder this Friday. FOTR this week is one of the baddest (if not THE baddest) DJ on the planet. The first FOTR for 2017 is the dudes DJ Craze and Four Color Zack who make up the duo 2¢. And I took it from A-Trak that’s right! And that he proved 3 times at the DMC World Championships, an unprecedented record, and a title that no other solo DJ has yet to match. 243 Followers, 901 Following, 622 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ashlie In The Morning (@djcrazeswife) The resume should be well known already but this dude is as technically gifted on the decks as it gets. Instagram. FOTR this week is 2¢, the DJ and production duo of our buds Four Color Zack and DJ Craze. It’s the respect from both DJs and audiences alike that has paved Craze’s seamless move between hip hop and turntablism to drum’n’bass both serious subzero clique/cult scenes the globe over demanding much of any artist trying to peddle their wares worldwide; to what now sounds like club-style Miami bass, formed with the technical love of hip hop with clean cuts and ridiculously dextrous scratching, but a mix up of straight up rap, ghettotech, raw booty house, old-school electro, Baltimore/Miami bass crossover and sweaty lo-end dancefloor music, making it all but impossible to keep still.

By continuing past this page, you agree to our terms of use. FOTR: DJ Craze Posted: November 28, 2017 | Author: Brent Tactic | Filed under: Friends of The Rub | Tags: DJ Craze, fotr. Straight up, he’s one of the best DJ’s on the planet. Craze’s life is a legacy of rags to riches, geek to chic, no-name to world fame.

Email. I joined the Regionals, won that, Nationals, won that, and then won the Worlds. So when she asked what I wanted to do with my turntables, I told her, ‘Be the best DJ in the world,'” Craze casually laughs. (laughs) Except the [Scratch] Perverts, they beat us once in the US, but then we came over here to London and we kicked their butt. website soundcloud facebook twitter instagram. I was still scared. He’s also one of the dudes running Slow Roast Records, which is an imprint that’s been cranking out killer content for years now. Facebook. 8,742 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘djcraze’ hashtag We’ve featured them here before and as solo DJs, they should really need no introduction. Additionally, DJ Craze claimed 2nd place in the first DMC Team Championship with his Allies’ crew (which included fellow champions A-Trak and Infamous) in 1999 and then in 2000, the Allies’ won the Team Championship title, taking it from the previous year’s winners the Scratch Perverts. They’ve dropped some cool things under that name over the last couple years, including a couple of really inspiring turntablist mixtapes. You can stream Part 3 below in full and make sure and follow them on the socials as well. On top of his untouchable turntablist skills and scratch champion showmanship, the world has also recognised that Craze is a second to none club DJ he has toured the globe over, from Jamaica to Australia to Japan to Iceland to France to the country he was born, Nicaragua. All Rights Reserved. Check it out and link with Craze on all the socials outlined below. They’ve just dropped the 3rd edition of their mix series and it’s as tight and inspiring as the first 2. He never had it easy from fleeing battle in Nicaragua at the age of 3 to a geeky adolescence to Hurricane Andrew hitting Miami in 1992 nor did have ever have any coattails to ride; his is a story that’s an uphill battle, but a story that ends right at the top. End of story. Sounds of our festival stages streaming 24/7. Not to mention his continued push to play and feature the dopest and most forward thinking turn up anthems in his sets. They’ve also announced their first tour together as 2¢ coming up in Australia this September.

Then in that year, in ’98 when I beat A-Trak in the [DMC] Worlds, I didn’t wanna battle no more and I thought he’d be the icing on the cake, so instead we formed the Allies and we kicked everybody’s butt. Check out the EP, the tour dates and their socials below. FOTR this week is one of the baddest (if not THE baddest) DJ on the planet. Soundcloud. Holdings, LLC. It’s featured below and definitely worth the listen. The resume should be well known already but this dude is as technically gifted on the decks as it gets. “I won the DMC’s when I was 20. It’s a great conversation piece in response to all the “press play” DJs out there. ©2020 Insomniac “My mom always taught me I could do anything I put my mind to. Website

271 Followers, 1 Following, 0 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @djcraze 112.9k Followers, 1,453 Following, 2,924 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Craze ¯\__/¯ (@crazearoni) All DJing aside, Craze is also a world- renowned producer, releasing wildly successful drum’n’bass records with labels such as Cartel Recordings, Breakbeat Kaos, and C.I.A and other hip hop inspired productions with the likes of DMC Records, Ninja Tune Records, OM Records and K7 Records. While Craze is regarded internationally and unquestionably as one of the best scratch DJs in the world, it’s still astonishing to see his overwhelming number of titles on paper: Craze has won first place for the USA DMC Championships in 1998, World ITF Scratch Off Championships in 1998, ITF Western Hemisphere Scratch Off Championships (1998, ’99), Winter Music Conference Scratch Off Champion (1996, ’97, ’98, ’99), East Coast DMC Championships (1997), East Coast Rap Sheet Championships (1996) and Zulu National Championships (1995, ’96), to name but a few. You’ve got just under 3 weeks to stream this bad boy. Facebook Catch this recent showcase of skills, next level tunes and some Slow Roast catalog in Craze’s amazing Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 from a couple weeks ago.
He and fellow FOTR Fourcolorzack released a new mix last week going at the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ list and all that it represents.
Mixcloud. Instagram This is Craze the man who arguably defined his hometown Miami turntablism scene, only to return now to reinvent this take on the Miami sound; a neo-genre of his own special blend of every which way club codes from the ghosts of discos past, present and future. 3X solo DMC champ in a row (the only DJ to ever to accomplish that feat), multiple team titles with The Allies and a stack of Youtube vids showing off his skills that millions and millions of views. But he was only like 15 when I beat him. Our headliner and a longtime FOTR (Friend of The Rub) is DJ Craze, who in all honesty should need no introduction. Craze’s life is a legacy of rags to riches, geek to chic, no-name to world fame. Email. So it’s officially Rub week again for our new event at Verboten and we’ve got a massively stacked lineup for this Friday. Soundcloud. Tweet.


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