fired up country song

The lyrics are pretty terrible.

In fact, as an album, I’m going to say that I actually liked it better than Anything Goes, which had some great songs but was inconsistent.
While I haven’t heard the whole album, “We Went” and “Song No.

March 16, 2016 @ “Route 3 Box 250 D” was a solid gut-punching closer that honestly got me emotional hearing. This album is an embarrassment to him and everyone involved IMO. Summer Jam Likewise with any song that emits a horny teen vibe.

12:01 pm. March 15, 2016 @ There can be no other explanation than they wanted to get all this Bro-ish material out there before the trend completely dried up, so they crammed as much material as would fit on a compact disc without requiring a double album. March 16, 2016 @

Gotta stop having such high hopes I guess!! Well then I make even more effort to highlight the 10%. March 15, 2016 @ If anything, this album possesses a bigger, bolder sound than its 2013 predecessor, How Country Feels. ". Brandon F I like all kinds of country music. Unless I’m that far disconnected from the pop-country audience – and I admit I might be – this album looks like a non-starter. 11:06 am.

Why not go review a genre you enjoy? Whether you are having a “parking lot party” before a local football game, or getting pumped for the NFL, these country songs are sure to be a hit! Chris Young . Yes, Jamey recorded it on The Dollar, & Randy recorded it on They Call me Cadillac. Dierks has a much stronger track record of releasing a bad single off a good album. BIG mistake on my part, and one I’ll keep in mind when considering Dierks Bentley’s new album Black later this year (and I’m expecting something of similar quality, unfortunately).

Of course, to get to the one halfway decent track you have to slog through 16 (!) Anyway, DeanYite got his little feelings hurt. It’s really pretty incredible how bad this Randy Houser record is. HUGE misstep for Randy Houser. Johnny Paycheck played this card with his first few albums, throwing 14 songs on a record when pretty much everyone else at the time cut 10.

But this is godawful, and won’t get his career anywhere, despite how hard he tries to keep up with the new blood in Nashville that’s half his age, and twice as talented at pulling off this sound. March 16, 2016 @ Warthog I don’t care what genre of music you love, Randy Houser has out some shit songs and few good. I have to admit, I’m amused by the vision of a warehouse full of bro-country songs all devaluing like a bad currency, while a label tries to find a way to cash out while it still can. albert 10:17 am. On “Little Bit Older” you can see what’s coming up, and like witnessing an accident happen right before your very eyes in slow motion, you want to yell, “No Randy Houser, No!” but unfettered, he drops the ridiculous chorus of “A little bit older, a little Budweiser,” and you immediately want find a firearm and shoot yourself. I did not even make it half way into his new single “Song Number 7”. Fired Up Lyrics. 7:05 am. 6:47 am.

This ultimate tailgate song crowns the “before the party party” as the best part of the whole event. That has left folks like Dallas Davidson and Randy Houser sitting at home and waiting for the phone to ring, but luckily Houser can still release his own songs and dole out songwriting credits to his buddies so they can keep their F-350’s paid off, for now. This album is merciless. The misogynistic “Mine Tonight” might have the most give up lyrics in a country song ever, repeating the last line of each verse, not even trying to find something to rhyme with it. Yep. And then, he somehow outdoes himself in the 17th track in the “bonus” material, “Whiskeysippi River.” I hope Houser is getting some serious kickbacks from the liquor companies, because he’s putting his career on ice with this incredibly slipshod material. 7:47 am. This song is an awesome positive spin on football and the man upstairs! 10:10 am, “My theory is this: you”™re all just failed musicians/songwriters with a very large, yet very dull axe to grind.”, ” What amazes me is that you continue to write about a genre you despise ”“ what”™s up with that?”. March 16, 2016 @ But for what it is, loud music he can sing in arena’s for fans who just want to get drunk and dance and have a good time, it’ll do.

Six String Richie Are we surprised to get a Bro-Country album here?
When one of the best tracks (“One Way”) is a bonus track, something is wrong.

I hated the production of the whole thing. You have officially failed at life!!! I will definitely not be buying this album or anything Randy puts out in the future, he has lost my respect entirely with this garbage. March 15, 2016 @ Randy Houser has a great voice, and I wouldn’t even doubt he can still write a decent song if he chooses to. March 16, 2016 @ What’s up with that? But the most remarkable thing about Fired Up remains how epic it all tries to be. He’s got a great voice, but halfway through you’ll pay money to never have to hear it again. Is the instrumentation too much on this record? I really liked old Randy Houser. DeanYite “They Call Me Cadillac,” in my opinion, is one of the top mainstream country records released in the past 10 years. . He was great both times, and I really hoped his new album would be like his first two. March 20, 2016 @ 10:14 am. They just feel like par-for-the-course, sound-like-everything-else-on-the-radio songs. March 16, 2016 @ the pistolero 6:44 pm. Green Akers PETE MARSHALL Houser sounds like his head is about to explode as he’s gripped with the most epic and extreme emotion he has ever experienced in his entire life . Still, even those pale in comparison to the four album tracks I referenced from his previous album, ad well as the majority of “They Call Me Cadillac”. LIKE A COWBOY was a crappy overblown piece of garbage lyrically and RH’s vocal abilities were wasted on it the way they are wasted on 99% of what he’s releasing . I tried to give it a second chance today and still didn’t enjoy 95% of it. 7:57 pm. What amazes me is that you continue to write about a genre you despise – what’s up with that? Fire It Up lyrics - Zachary Hunter They threw him a party when he turned sixteen But all that he wanted was just one thing To get to the driveway and behind the wheel Fire it up and see how it feels Fire it up and see how it feels That ’57 Ford that his daddy rebuilt Three hundred horses and four chrome wheels Houser even tries his hand at hip-hop double time verses, and Florida Georgia Line mushmouth speak. This ultimate tailgate song crowns the “before the party party” as the best part of the whole event. My theory is this: you’re all just failed musicians/songwriters with a very large, yet very dull axe to grind. well, not actively.). I just don’t agree with your reviews. They are most egregious on “Before Midnight”, “Gotta Get You Home” and the title track. No longer. March 16, 2016 @ I used to be a huge Randy fan. He co-wrote Lead Me Home , probably best song he’s ever had his name on. Acca Dacca I can’t say the same thing for this album. 9:30 am. The marketing angle for this album is that he’s bringing voice back to country music. What amazes me is that you continue to read a blog you despise. Summer’s coming to an end and before we know it the temperature and leaves will be changing.


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