fun fact about the blue whale is that it has the song of any animal in the animal kingdom

Blue Whales can grow to over 30-metres in length, but are extremely graceful swimmers. Their blood vessels are so wide you could swim through them. Amazing Facts About the Blue Whale. They were pushed to the brink of extinction due to whaling during the 1900s, at which time many whale species were hunted aggressively for whale oil. This belief is backed up by how whales that wash ashore will show affection towards those who rescue them as if so say thank you. Antarctic Ocean, North Atlantic Ocean, North & South Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, 330,000 – 441,000 pounds (150 – 200 tonnes). The Blue Whale is the largest animal ever to have lived on earth. Aside from cleaning krill from the plates in its mouth, the blue whale tongue weighs about as much as an elephant, or a daily car. Having forced the water out of its mouth, the whale licks these bristles with its fleshy tongue. The 1966 International Whaling Commission finally gave Blue Whales protection, although they have only recovered slightly since then. 4, Whale-ship collisions might be partly behind the low blue whale population counts, despite international protections since 1966. Intensive hunting in the 1900s by whalers seeking whale oil drove them to the brink of extinction. Blue whales can grow to a length comparable to that of a Boeing 737. You can set your browser not to accept cookies and the above websites tell you how to remove cookies from your browser. When it surfaces, it exhales air out of a blowhole in a cloud of pressurized vapour that rises vertically above the water for up to 9m. Despite being so massive, this giant of the ocean feeds on some of the smallest marine life – tiny shrimp like animals called krill. Females usually only have one young. The human ear can’t pick them up underwater, but the blue whale happens to make the loudest noise of any animal, up to 188 decibels, which is louder than a jet engine. More commonly, they succumb to injuries sustained with collisions with large sea vessels.
No bird, fish, mammal, reptile – no dinosaur – has ever been larger than an adult blue whale. There is what looks like a moustache of long bristles on the end of each plate to help it hold the minute prey. Although this whale is massive, it feeds almost exclusively on krill. The hunting for whale oil was so excessive that records suggest approx. Very big. Blue whales occasionally swim in small groups but usually swim alone or in pairs. Hundreds of thousands of whales were killed. While blue whale are quite passive, due to their sheer size, it usually deters groups of killer whales. It would be quite difficult to build a tank large enough for such a huge whale so… no it does not make a good pet.

Where food is readily available, as many as 60 blue whales may come together. They have been found in the Arctic, Tropical, Subtropical, and Temperate seas. As the whale forces the water out of its mouth, the bristles act to capture and trap the food. Groups generally migrate according to age, and sex, with the youngest animals migrating last. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Animals.NET aim to promote interest in nature and animals among children, as well as raise their awareness in conservation and environmental protection. Often spend summers feeding in polar waters and undertake long migrations towards the Equator as winter arrives. They typically have a cruising speed of around 8-kilometres per hour, and can hit top speeds of up to 50 kph. Scientists have discovered that by counting the layers of a deceased whale's waxlike earplugs, they can get a close estimate of the animal's age. The pectoral fins on either side of the whale are used to steer. The blue whale has not been domesticated in any way.

Krill is a small, shrimp-like crustacean, and the blue whale can eat up to four tons of krill per day. Despite being so massive, this giant of the ocean feeds on some of the smallest marine life – tiny shrimp like animals called krill. As it is suckled in the water, a calf will consume over 600 liters of mother’s milk per day in its first year. The numbers today are estimated to be between 3-11% of the pre-1911 population size. In the 1900’s blue whales were extensively hunted, which severely impacted their population. The global population of blue whales is uncertain, but based on research from the IUCN, the global total for the species is estimated to be between 10,000-25,000 and classed as endangered.

For further information visit or They mainly catch their food by diving, and descend to depths of approximately 500 m. Blue whales have few predators but are known to fall victim to attacks by sharks and killer whales, and many are injured or die each year from impacts with large ships.

3. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. In the International Whaling Commission (IWC) whaling database, 88 individuals longer than 30 m were reported, including one up to 33.0 m, but problems with how the measurements were made suggest that measurements longer than 30.5 m are somewhat suspect. The newborn calf will weigh as much as 2,700-kilograms and measure 8-metres or more in length. This whale is one of the most unique species on the planet. A cheetah can go from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds. When one surfaces, it exhales through the blowhole at the top of its body.

A chameleon’s tongue can be as long as its body. Due to the relative sizes of both the blue whale and krill, they can consume as many as 40 million krill, or 8,000 pounds (3,600 kg) of it daily. A single adult blue whale can consume 36,000 kg of krill a day. The blue whale talks with low frequency moans, groans and pulses.

Known to have lived 110 years. New born whales are helped to the surface of the water by their mothers and are often encouraged (nudged) by other females so that they can take their first breath of air.

Aside from cleaning krill from the plates in its … Blue Whales live typically between 80 and 90 years, with some reaching up to 110 years of age. The largest animal to have ever lived, need we say more? Because the blue whale is the largest animal to live on the planet, it has few predators. Read on to learn about the blue whale.

More information Accept. With each mouthful, the whale can hold up to 5,000 kg of water and plankton. Because the Blue Whale communicates with sounds that are such a low frequency, under the correct conditions, one can communicate with others and be heard as far as 1,600-kilometres away. These whales has a calf every 2-3 years, and carries the baby for about 1 year. They are the heaviest animals known to ever live on the planet. 380,000 whales had been caught. The blue whale lives in every ocean in the world, this means it inhabits every aquatic habitat. A baby blue whale (calf) emerges weighing up to 2,7000kg and up to 8m long. Log in, By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. This whale is one of the most unique species on the planet. 1. They tend to spend the warmer months feeding in the polar regions, and will participate in extensively long migrations to the Equator as winter approaches.

CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. They have blue-gray colored skin, with a slightly lighter colored underside; they have two pectoral fins, a small dorsal fin on their backs, and a large fluke. During the migration,they eat virtually nothing, and survive on their fat stores. Although it is common for them to just swim around the many oceans on the planet alone or in a pair, the blue whale will from time to time swim in a small group. Now that they are a protected species, the main threats to blue whales are ship strikes by large boats.
The blue whale is the largest known animal. Probably due to the long lifespan of the blue whale, it has the ability to form an attachment to another living creature that spends time with one. It is estimated that only 10,000-25,000 blue whales now swim the world’s oceans.

The whale’s mouth has a fascinating row of plates fringed with bristles to help it filter its main source of food – plankton from the water. They have a number of distinctive characteristics that set them apart from other animals, other marine mammals, and even other whales. They use their flippers for maneuvering around under water, but the blue whale flipper is just 12-percent of the overall size of the mammal. Other females that may be nearby will help by nudging the newborn in an effort to encourage it to break the surface and breathe. Habitat: Oceans. They have a number of distinctive characteristics that set them apart from other animals, other marine mammals, and even other whales.

For example. This particular whale is considered Endangered under the IUCN red list. Crocodiles can go through 4,000 teeth over the course of their 35-75 year lifespan. The whale then licks the bristles clean with its massive tongue, which allows it to swallow the plankton.

It is thought that whales feel emotions.


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