history of chess timeline
The history of chess spans some 1500 years. 1971 – Fischer blazes through his Candidates Matches, defeating. *1951 - First World Junior Chess Championship held. 1422 - A manuscript from Kraków sets the rule that. 1970 – Fischer wins the Palma de Mallorca Interzonal 3½ points ahead of his nearest rival. *1769 - Baron Wolfgang von Kempelen builds the Mechanical Turk. David Bronstein wins after a playoff against Isaac Boleslavsky. *1894 - Emmanuel Lasker defeats Wilhelm Steinitz in a world championship match to become the second official world champion. *1945 - USA vs USSR Radio match is the first international sporting event after World War II. *1950 - FIDE introduces the International Grandmaster (GM) and International Master (IM) titles. 1961 - Botvinnik defeats Tal in a rematch by the score +10 −5 =6 to regain the title.

The queen. 1919 - Capablanca plays a simul in the House of Commons against 39 players. 840 - Earliest surviving chess problems by Caliph Billah of Baghdad. 1946 - Reigning world champion Alexander Alekhine dies in Portugal, leaving the title vacant. 1966 – Petrosian successfully defends his World Championship title against Spassky, 12½–11½. *1958 - Bobby Fischer qualifies for the 1959 Candidates Match, becoming the youngest ever Grandmaster. 1937 – Alekhine regains his champion title from Euwe in The Netherlands +10 −4 =11. *1946 - Reigning world champion Alexander Alekhine dies in Portugal, leaving the title vacant. 1913 – Publication of Harold Murray's monumental book A History of Chess. *1921 - José Raúl Capablanca defeats Emmanuel Lasker in Havana +4 -0 =10 to become the third official world champion. 1561 – Inspired by Damiano's previous written work, Spaniard chess player, 1575 - The first known championship between Chess Masters is held in Madrid, between Italian masters, 1690 – Openings are now systematically classified by the. *1747 - François-André Danican Philidor (France) defeats Philipp Stamma (Syria) in a London match.
1961 – Botvinnik defeats Tal in a rematch by the score +10 −5 =6 to regain the title. Paul Keres finishes second in a Candidates Tournament for the third consecutive time. * Chess* Origins of chess* Chess in early literature* Chess in Europe, *citation last=Whyld | first=Ken | author-link=Ken Whyld year=1986 title=Chess: The Records publisher=Guinness Books isbn=0-85112-455-0 pages=7–10, Chess (disambiguation) — Contents 1 Board games 2 Computer games 3 Art 4 Acronyms …   Wikipedia, Timeline of computing 1990–present — This article presents a timeline of events in the history of computing from 1990 to the present. * ca. *1907 - Lasker-Marshall World Championship match in several US cities. *1970 - Bobby Fischer wins the Palma de Mallorca Interzonal 3½ points ahead of his nearest rival. 1848 - Earliest known instance of a game played between blind players. late 10th century – Dark and light squares are introduced on a. The piece is dated to 465 AD.


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