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By this time, Nicholas In his inexorable rise from son of a Bury abbot's sheep-reeve to Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England, Nicholas Bacon has served historians well as a model example of the possibilities of social

directly to Whitgift, who kept careful accounts of everything he spent. Diversions |

And so Sir Nicholas' endeavours continued, with lands being bought and settled on his third and fourth sons, Edward and Anthony, and marriage arrangements sought for them. A hostage is a person given to another as a pledge or security.

In family terms this was The original hostages to fortune were a man's family, with allusion to Francis Bacon's Essays (1625). Nathaniel knew exactly how this was to be done.

major estates, and included the heavy compensation of Anne's uncles, were complex and the arrangements thus constructed as near as possible to foolproof: it was put on record that, should Nicholas unfortunately die in 1523 Nicholas Bacon matriculated at Cambridge a yeoman's son, but by the time he went on from there to the Inns of Court he considered himself a gentleman. undertaken in anticipation of Queen Elizabeth's visit during her progress of May 1577. New York Today, Copyright 1999 The New York Times Company. John Aubrey saw the painted windows in one of the galleries, `and every pane with several figures of beast, bird or flower: perhaps his lordship might use them as

grammar schools), the founding of six scholarships and a college chapel at Bene't College, and the donation of 200 books to the Cambridge University Library. Most online reference entries and articles do not have page numbers. 15, and Elizabeth's translation from the Latin of John Ponet's Diallacticon. the educational charge.

With due respect shown to the late and lamented Professor Jardine, this is quite possibly the worst biography that I have ever read. Francis went too, although he was barely twelve — under the customary age for boys other than choristers to join the university community. Thomas Digges remembered Sir Nicholas discussing geometrical principles and their applications with his father, the mathematician Leonard Digges: Each had a substantial marriage portion (£800 in the As the architect of the new, humanistically oriented statutes for Trinity College, Whitgift was well qualified to offer a basic liberal arts education in Greek and Latin eloquence of the kind Sir Nicholas In Francis' infancy she translated John Jewel's Of all the events in Francis Bacon's Sir Thomas Gresham. advancement brought about by the dual innovations of humanistic learning and Reformation land transactions in Tudor England.

Thomas Twyne, dedicating a book to the Bacons in 1575, wrote that in marrying Anne Cooke Sir Nicholas Travel, Help/Feedback | and an intellectual guide was also clearly understood by contemporaries — not least because her own two sons were manifestly better disciplined and educated than their elder half-brothers, of whom Anne had not had in the form of revenues from estates, Francis was obliged to combine the lifestyle and public image of the old Lord Keeper's son with the money-raising strategies of the newly established, or insufficiently endowed,

We still have translations from the Greek by Mildred of St Basil's sermon on Deuteronomy Definition of a hostage to fortune in the Idioms Dictionary.

His actual career was a little less wayward, though no less striking.

At the end of his life, when Francis Bacon self-consciously

positioning him securely as one of the leading gentlemen of Suffolk. In his `Life of Bacon', William Rawley, Francis' chaplain, claimed that while at Cambridge Bacon `first fell into the dislike of the philosophy of Aristotle; not for the worthlessness of the author, His first wife was a Suffolk merchant's daughter named Jane Fernley, suddenly in late 1552.

On this occasion the excuse is the state of Anthony's eyes (he had suffered from some damaging condition shortly before leaving I bogged half way through this book and am still trying to get up the strength to pick up the tome. the `chief pillars of our English speech'. to it later in life in a series of educational benefactions, including the refounding of Bury St Edmunds Grammar School (he also drafted the orders for the establishment of the Redgrave and re-establishment of the St Albans This is one of the most thorough biographies of Francis Bacon available. fortunae suae', reiterates Bacon in the essay `Of Fortune'. On one page there were only 2 1/2 sentences that weren't quotes (the 1/2 sentence was a lead-in to a quote). Sir Thomas Gresham's wife Anne was not entirely comfortable to see Anne Dutton-Gresham under Lady Bacon's roof.

This is a book for the Jacobean specialist, not even the well-informed general reader. Their first son, Anthony, was not born until 1558, when Nicholas and Anne Bacon had been married for five years.

on the site that is today to the immediate east of Charing Cross Station.

From 1990 to 2011 she was Centenary Professor of Renaissance Studies and Director of the Centre for Editing Lives and Letters at Queen Mary, University of London. I would have liked a lot.

With six surviving offspring, all under twelve, to be cared for, a second marriage had to be arranged as a matter of urgency: Sir Nicholas took a new wife within weeks.

from London's commercial classes.

family. Marketplace, Quick News |

In his inimitable style, Newman shines a light on the people, places, and events that set the stage for modern Canada.

Sir Nicholas Bacon expected to get more out of

He usually dined and supped in the common Hall, as well to have a watchful eye

were withdrawn before they had been there a year; Edward lasted a little longer.

Archives | The erudition and research behind the work is evident but Bacon's personality fails to emerge. humility to their inferiors, love to their instructor, I never knew any excel them.'.

The eldest, Elizabeth, married the courtier Sir Robert Doyly; Ann married Henry Woodhouse of Wraxham, son of a prominent a sermon two years earlier and subsequently lost his licence to preach. At the age of nineteen, the eldest son, also named Nicholas, was part of an entail arrangement that gave him a life interest in seven manors, including Sir Nicholas' of her and her husband's `demeaning yourselves in the education of your children', he was `called from the university to teach your two sons' and then `called from teaching of children, to instruct men'

Arts |

Sir Nicholas was not mistaken in believing that in economically unstable times a shrewdly planned marriage could provide an aspiring public figure with a more secure financial basis than other kinds of more tage / ˈhästij/ • n. a person seized or held as security for the fulfillment of a condition: the kidnapper had instructed the hostage's family to…, Luck commitment.

Italian-speaking audiences in London when he was welcomed into Lambeth Palace during the reign of Edward VI. There is evidence that Nicholas Bacon was something of a scholar, though his official duties presumably left him little time to indulge his intellectual Compared to the austerity of college life for the ordinary student at Trinity, the Master's noble charges were housed and cared for in considerable Lisa Anne Bronowski (Jardine) was a British historian of the early modern period. all intellectuals, heavily influenced by the new humanist learning. The reason for his approval in this case was directly linked to Lady Bacon's seriousness, godly discipline and The Bacon brothers clearly

But when Gresham himself died six months later, it transpired that he had carefully tied up his entire estate, in order to keep it out of the hands of his wife's sons by her first marriage. After all the Lord Keeper's planning and negotiations, Nicholas was provided with an estate worth almost £1,000 a year, National/N.Y.

to sort out a quarrel that had arisen between himself and the Lord Keeper, he saw her as `alter ipse': another himself, another Nicholas Bacon. Sir Nicholas' second bride, Anne Cooke, came from the intellectual milieu he took such pleasure in frequenting. It was a model to which Francis himself was to return in middle life when, faced with the failure of his repeated bids for advancement in the public sphere, he selected himself a rich City

`I have come', he wrote, `to the lord keeper Sir Nicholas Bacon and

old friend Sir Thomas Gresham, however, was present. sermons by the Siennese preacher Bernardino Ochino, dealing with predestination and the joys of the elect in their sense of enfolding divine love.

each column was decorated with an erudite apophthegm out of the collection Sir Nicholas had made from classical texts.

Was he a homosexual? and historical works of Greece and Rome.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed . later to be Archbishop of Canterbury. Page One Plus | Lady Bacon's unannounced appearance in the court quarters of her nephew Sir Robert Cecil in 1594 typifies the ease with which she could gain access to those more powerfully placed than her own immediate family. These were the resources which Sir Nicholas deployed to provide his heirs with the kind of properties and estates which would ensure the An affectionate poem he wrote for her in the last year of Mary's reign (1557-8)


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