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Duck confit is an incredibly tender and flavorful way to prepare duck, and it’s the starting point for a number of traditional French recipes including cassoulet. Try Andy McLeish’s Confit duck cassoulet with Coco beans and Toulouse sausage or Andy Waters' duck confit recipe, which is served with braised red cabbage, caramelised Granny Smith apples and a savoury green peppercorn sauce. Duck confit or confit de canard is a French dish originating in Gascony (think D’Artagnan and Alexander Dumas, I must have read The Three Musketeers about 20 times when I was a child).. Confit is a century-old way of preserving meat in fat and it is not only typical for France, but for other parts of the world as well. Duck legs are an easy meat to confit. Cure (salt) the duck legs overnight, then slowly cook them in plenty of duck fat. On Day 3, toss the legs once more and then, later in the day, brush off the marinade and cook in fresh extra virgin olive oil. Confit duck is a rich, wintery dish that suits robust accompaniments like lentils, parsnips, red cabbage, kale and celeriac. Duck skin is particularly fatty, and you can save rendered duck fat from roasting a whole duck or pan-roasting duck breasts.Duck fat is also available from most butchers. Save Save For the following two mornings, stir the duck legs and olive oil. View My Duck Confit Recipe Shredded Duck Confit on a side salad. These days, confit de canard is less about preserving duck without refrigeration and more about crafting incredible flavor. Place a large saucepan or casserole dish onto a low heat on the hob and melt the WHAT IS DUCK CONFIT?


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