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Login Sign Up. John M. Ellis is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of German Literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz. [10] Most of his publications relate directly to experiment, from interpreting measurements and the results of searches for new particles, to exploring the physics that could be done with future accelerators. In the 1980s, Ellis became a leading advocate of models of supersymmetry. John Ellis has been a strong supporter of the CLIC option for a future high-energy e+e− linear collider;[21] this option is pursued most strongly at CERN. ACTA’s Michael Poliakoff explores the erosion of academic freedom in the academy with John M. Ellis, professor emeritus at University of California-Santa Cruz, and the author of The Breakdown of Higher Education: How It Happened, the Damage It Does, and What Can Be Done. He was awarded the Maxwell Medal and the Paul Dirac Prize by the Institute of Physics in 1982 and 2005 respectively, and is an Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of London since 1985 and of the Institute of Physics since 1991. Professor John Ellis is an international expert in medical and veterinary protozoology.

Sign up to receive updates on the most pressing issues facing our college campuses. John Ellis is Professor Emeritus at the University of California at Santa Cruz. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Southampton, and twice won the First Award in the Gravity Research Foundation essay competition (in 1999 and 2005). Für nähere Informationen zur Nutzung Ihrer Daten lesen Sie bitte unsere Datenschutzerklärung und Cookie-Richtlinie. Sie können Ihre Einstellungen jederzeit ändern. [18] His publications include three papers with over 1000 citations, eight more with over 500 citations, and over 100 other papers with at least 100 citations each. In the two-year period 2004–5, he gave public lectures in Geneva (in French), in Granada and Barcelona (in Spanish), in Rome (in Italian) and in Warsaw (in English). He was one of the pioneers of research at the interface between particle physics and cosmology, which has since become a sub-specialty of its own: particle astrophysics. John Ellis currently holds the Clerk Maxwell Professorship of Theoretical Physics at King's College in London. Yahoo ist Teil von Verizon Media. By the same token, John Ellis’s clear, well-presented, and relentless new critique of higher education demands real answers, but it will probably be unfairly vilified―which is precisely Ellis’s point.” ―Gary Saul Morson, the Lawrence B. Dumas Professor of the Arts and Humanities at Northwestern University Daten über Ihr Gerät und Ihre Internetverbindung, darunter Ihre IP-Adresse, Such- und Browsingaktivität bei Ihrer Nutzung der Websites und Apps von Verizon Media. As of 2015, this data base lists over 1,000 scientific papers of which he is an author; altogether the sum of citations is above 60,000. These probes include direct tests of quantum mechanics with the CPLEAR Collaboration and the derivation of Grand Unified Theories from string theory. In 2004 a SPIRES survey ranked him as the second-most cited theoretical physicist. Launched in 1995, we are the only organization that works with alumni, donors, trustees, and education leaders across the United States to support liberal arts education, uphold high academic standards, safeguard the free exchange of ideas on campus, and ensure that the next generation receives an intellectually rich, high-quality college education at an affordable price. 4.7 / 5. Ellis is regularly invited to give public lectures on particle physics and related topics. Biography. In the context of the LHC, he has interacted frequently with physicists, administrators at universities and institutes, and ministers of funding agencies and diplomatic corps from a wide variety of countries, ranging from major CERN partners like the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada, India, Israel, Armenia and China, to states with nascent physics programs such as Azerbaijan, the Baltic republics, Bolivia, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Iran, Madagascar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Romania, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and lately in Palestine and Rwanda, and many others. His book is titled The Breakdown of Higher Education. John Ellis, professor at University of California, Santa Cruz joins Mark Levin on 'Life, Liberty & Levin.' Such predictions are now a mainstream activity within particle physics, and constitute one of the most important bridges between the experimental and theoretical communities. Naturally his theoretical work reflected these connections, as when he showed that data from the Stanford Linear Collider (SLC) and from LEP could be used to predict the masses of the top quark and the Higgs boson. Concerning the LHC, Ellis played a leading role in the seminal 1984 workshop on physics to be done with such an accelerator.

Ellis' activities at CERN are wide-ranging. John Stephen Ellis, Professor, received a 2016-2017 Fulbright Scholar Award to support his research on the Informal City in Bénin, West Africa.His scholarship and teaching has creatively connected students with practitioners, academics, and communities worldwide. He taught at universities in England, Wales, and Canada before joining UCSC in 1966, serving as dean of the Graduate Division in 1977–86. John Ellis is a professor in the History department at Eastern Michigan University - see what their students are saying about them or leave a rating yourself. After brief post-doc positions at SLAC and Caltech, he went to CERN and has held an indefinite contract there since 1978. May 8, 2020 by Doug Sprei and Michael B. Poliakoff, John Ellis: The Breakdown of Higher Education. Working with Dimitri Nanopoulos and Mary Gaillard, he proposed in 1976 the so-called "Higgs-strahlung" process in which a Higgs boson is radiated from a Z-boson[11] (this proved to be the best way to search for the Higgs boson at the Large Electron–Positron Collider), and in the same year estimated the direct CP-violation contribution to rare neutral kaon decays[12] (which led to the success of the NA31 and NA48 experiments at CERN).
Ellis is known for his efforts to involve non-European nations in CERN scientific activities. These interactions have fostered the international character of CERN and opened the pathways of scientific discourse all around the world. Jonathan Richard Ellis CBE FRS (born 1 July 1946[3]) is a British theoretical physicist who is currently Clerk Maxwell Professor of Theoretical Physics at King's College London. Crampton at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in 1986, and subsequently did postdoctoral research on Eimeria vaccines (at Houghton Poultry Research Station) and parasite phylogeny (at Flinders University of South Australia). He recently gave a speech about the future of Physics beyond the Higgs bosson in València (in English).

Jump To Ratings. [4], After completing his secondary education at Highgate School, he attended King's College, Cambridge, earning his PhD in theoretical (high-energy) particle physics in 1971. Dies geschieht in Ihren Datenschutzeinstellungen. In 2014, Ellis delivered an address about his experiences at CERN at the second Starmus Festival in the Canary Islands. Stay up to date with our Higher Ed Now podcast. His most recent LHC physics review appeared in a Nature Insight supplement on 19 July 2007.

[16] More generally, Ellis and collaborators pioneered the analysis of so-called "benchmark scenarios" meant to illustrate the range of phenomenology to be expected from supersymmetric models;[17] such analyses have played a major role in evaluating the promise of various future accelerator options. Missouri Western State University--St. Joseph, MO.
Ellis is a regular panellist at HowTheLightGetsIn, the music and philosophy festival hosted each year in Hay-on-Wye. Outreach and spreading physics around the world, CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown (, Commander of the Order of the British Empire, About King's College London : News and What's On : King's College London, "Nya hedersdoktorer inom teknik och naturvetenskap", "John Ellis discusses the Higgs, the lack of the Higgs, and extra dimensions", "John Ellis considers cosmology, colloquiums and new collaborations", "A phenomenological profile of the Higgs boson", "Aspects of the grand unification of strong, weak and electromagnetic interactions", "Radiative corrections to the masses of supersymmetric Higgs bosons", "The top cited theory authors in the SPIRES-HEP database (2004)", "The case for a circular e+e– Higgs factory", Ellis discusses the supercollider at CERN, and the physics discoveries that could come from it, "The LHC is safe", talk given by John Ellis at CERN, in Geneva, on 14 August 2008, International Man of Mysteries, September 10, 2008 (Interview with John Ellis), Open Knowledge Conference plenary talk, on 17 September 2013, "Bang Goes the Big Bang" – Ellis debates the origins of the universe with Roger Penrose and Laura Mersini-Houghton,, Commanders of the Order of the British Empire, Foreign Fellows of the Indian National Science Academy, CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown, Pages containing London Gazette template with parameter supp set to y, Wikipedia articles with ORCID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 October 2020, at 04:53. [13] The following year he predicted the mass of the bottom quark on the basis of Grand Unified Theory, before this quark was observed in experiment.


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