napoleonic wars timeline maps
The wars lasted 15 years, and for a brief time Napoleon was the master of Europe. The Papal states have been annexed by Italy and the Italian Republic has expanded in the north.

Napoleonic Wars, series of wars between Napoleonic France and other European powers that produced a brief French hegemony over most of Europe. 26 December: Treaty of Pressburg between Austria and France. Cavalry Major. 23 December: Napoleon begins preparations to invade Russia. July: French army officers required to take oath to new Constitution. Poland has been carved up between Prussia and Russia. 2 April: British attack Copenhagen. The outcome secured his military and civilian authority in Paris. 20 June: Flight of the French Royal family.

21 March: Duc d'Enghien murdered. The main European powers are Britain, France and Austria. 19 July: Grand Duchy of Warsaw instituted. 21 October: Wellington repulsed at Burgos. Omissions? Poland has been wrested from Prussia and Russia and re-established as an independent country after years of foreign occupation. 6 June: Joseph Bonaparte proclaimed King of Spain. February:Napoleon appointed commander of artillery in the Army of Italy. Though Bonaparte had to embark on the campaigns of 1800 with inadequate forces and funds, the weaknesses of allied strategy went far to offset the disadvantages under which he laboured. 17 October: Treaty of Campo Formio with Austria ends war in Italy. The "good feelings" were created by isolationism, a lull in sectional tension, and political calm generated by the collapse of the Federalist Party. Until he had engaged this force in the south, Bonaparte would be able, should the need arise, to take it to Moreau’s assistance. 5 Feburary: Napoleon invades Syria (modern Isreal/Palestine). 2 December: Napoleon's coronation as Emperor. Some countries were destroyed all together while others gained their independence. Major battles and events during Napoleon's Wars. Austria has gained territory especially in Northern Italy. Despite Russia’s subsequent abandonment of the common cause and France’s recovery of control over Holland and Switzerland, the British government paid no serious attention to Bonaparte’s proposals for peace in December 1799. 22 April: Napoleon marries Marie-Louise of Austria. 27 July: Fall of Robespierre (Napoleons patron).

Spain remains a large country with many overseas possessions but it is a weak military and economic power. 5 November: Napoleon assumes command in Spain. Updates? 20 June: Louis Bonaparte becomes King of Holland. The pressures of the war likely prompted Napoleon to sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States. The boundaries of Austria had changed significantly. Austria had decided on an equal division of its strength by maintaining armies of approximately 100,000 men in both the German and Italian theatres. 17 March: Napoleons seige of Acre begins.

Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). The Congress of Vienna, the postwar settlement, remade the map of Europe and set the stage for the emergence of Germany and Italy as unified states. Bonaparte’s plan was to treat Italy as a secondary theatre and to seek a decisive victory in Germany. 10 March - 6 April: Army of Italy engaged in operations against Archduke Charles. 15-17 June: Battle of Trebbia - Suvorov's Russians defeat French under MacDonald in nothern Italy near Piacenza. In Holland a capitulation had been signed for the withdrawal of the Anglo-Russian expeditionary force. Artillery Regiment at Auxonne, June: Napoleon promoted to 1st lieutenant and re-assigned to It proved impossible to increase Victor Moreau’s Army of the Rhine to more than 120,000—too small a margin of superiority to guarantee the success required. By 1805, the fighting in Europe has led to some changes in the political status quo. Although the Russo-Austrian forces in Italy had won a series of victories, the course of the campaign in Switzerland had reflected growing differences between Austria and Russia. 14 June: Napoleon, then First Consul of the French Republic, lead France to an impressive and hard-fought victory over Austria at the Battle of Marengo. 28 April: Armistice of Cherasco, Piedmont out of the war.

5 March: Messena begins withdrawal from Portugal. As a result of these wars, great powers were brought down while other nations rose to dominance. French take Hanover. on rioters. Maps Showing the Shifting Boundaries of the Main European Countries This map shows the political boundaries of Europe at the start of the Napoleonic wars. 20 April: French Assembly declares war on Austria. Prussia's position between France, Austria and Russia makes it vulnerable to encirclement. 27 October: Treaty of Fontainebleu; France and Spain agree to attack Portugal. André Masséna, duc de Rivoli, lithograph by François-Séraphin Delpech, after a portrait by Nicolas-Eustache Maurin, 19th century. Napoleon's bid for world domination saw French armies surge across most of Europe, from Spain to Moscow, engaged in wars against ever shifting alliances and foes. Promulgation of the Civil code. 4 September: Coup d'etat of 18 Fructidor. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. The Napoleonic Wars (1800–15) were a continuation of the French Revolutionary Wars (1792–99), and together they represented 23 years of nearly uninterrupted conflict in Europe.

But in Italy, the French puppet state of the Italian Republic has been created as a result of Napoleon's victories there. 19 May: Napoleon sails from Toulon to invade Egypt. 10 October: Wellington retires behind Lines of Torres Verdes. 16 March: Prussia declares war on France. By 1810 the map of Europe reflects the enormous changes wrought by Napoleon's campaigns in Europe and the political re-alignment that followed. Nevertheless, Bonaparte was busy with the creation of an army of reserve which was to be concentrated around Dijon and was destined to act under his command in Italy. Italy and Germany are divided amongst petty states though the German state of Prussia has risen to middle power status and dominates north central Europe. The Italian Republic is gone and France has lost much of its German possessions as well as territory in northern Italy. This series of maps illustrates the changes that were brought about as a result of the wars of Napoleon. The end of the Napoleonic Wars prompted a disengagement from European affairs by the United States. 5 April: Battle of Magano - French under Scherer defeated by Austrians under Kray in Northern Italy. The Napoleonic Wars were a series of conflicts between Napoleon's France and a shifting web of alliances.

4th (former 'Grenoble') Artillery Regiment at Valence. This series of maps illustrates the changes that were brought about as a result of the wars of Napoleon. Prussian Corps defects from the French Grande Armee. 22 August: Napoleon leaves Egypt, and evading British fleet sails for France.

16 May: Peace of Basle; Prussia leaves war. 1 April: Joseph Bonaparte becomes King of Naples. Britain by blockade. Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections? Nelson's famous 'blind eye'. 23 March: Tsar Paul murdered; Alexander succeeds. 19 January: Wellington captures Ciudad Rodrigo. He returned to France in March 1815, rebuilt his army, and was finally defeated by Allied forces under the duke of Wellington and Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher at Waterloo on June 18, 1815. Moreau, however, preferred to cross the Rhine at intervals over a distance of 60 miles (approximately 100 km) and to encounter the Austrians before concentrating his own forces.


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