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The team is renowned for its iconic fleur-de-lis symbol created in 1967. Green Bay Packers. It features the team's colors, their logo, the sponsor's logo, as well as the player's name and number. Dallas Cowboys. Leave your email to receive our newsletter, Get the hottest stories from the largest news site in Nigeria, Drop your mail and be the first to get fresh news, Popular rapper Snoop Dogg gets new tattoo, pays tribute to Kobe Bryant (video), Senator Ndume reacts over calls for slashing of federal lawmakers' salaries, EndSARS: Buhari dispatches cabinet members to home states over protests, Breaking: Just like Tinubu, southwest governors, ministers visit Sanwo-Olu (video), EndSARS: 36 states in trouble, dragged to court over alleged hoarding of COVID-19 palliatives, Innovative man turns water tank into beautiful bathroom, social media users are blown away as adorable photos go viral, Remember the lady who appreciated Jesus for new fridge? Image:, @seattleseahawksfanhqSource: UGC. Can you name the team that uses each logo? The three stars, known as hypocycloids, initially represented specific attributes of steel. The emblem became famously known as the ‘Flying Elvis’ due to its uncanny resemblance to a young Elvis Presley. 1/10. 64. Some are altered every few years, but only with minor changes. The Texans' emblem is one of the most common in any football logo quiz. … Take this NFL logo quiz to find out how well you know the NFL logos.

Blue represents steel scrap, orange for iron ore and yellow for coal. Alright, I believe this will be the last bird logo from an NFL team this quiz, and there sure have been a lot of them. The logo, uniform, and branding history of the teams of the National Football League (NFL) Home Football American Football National Football League (NFL) National Football League Logos. See how dirty her room used to look before her life changed (photos), Wizkid 'hides' away from camera at baby mama's birthday in UK, Nigerians react (see video), See how this man's fortune changed after ASUU strikes made him overstay in school, UK university gave him this (photos), What does ISO stand for? Romford Cowboys. Year after year, teams unveil their latest and greatest logos. These football team logos are often an essential part of a team since they symbolize many aspects of a team. NFL Curator. Luckily for football fans from this city, it didn’t even take a decade for NFL football to return. The team’s emblem is a white horse’s head with an orange mane and eye. 98% of People Can't Name These NFL Team Logos From Just a Portion of the Logo. ... We’re the best quiz site on the internet. Shade9099 +3. 1/10.

Click an image to see a larger version and for attribution. Think YOU know your NFL teams? Definitions of the popular acronym. Then take the quiz and test your skills!

The team’s current emblem was designed by a design team working at Nike and dates back to 1997.

Similar to other professional leagues, teams in the NFL have official emblems that symbolize their history, beliefs, and states of origin.
Image:, @chucktattoosSource: UGC. These are divided between the AFC (American Football Conference), and the NFC (National Football Conference).

2/10. As the name suggests, the official emblem of this team is a white bald eagle with its mouth open. Image:, @PatriotsFanHQSource: UGC. We show you pictures of all 32 team logos. Welcome to the NFL quiz page. Take this NFL logo quiz to find out how well you know the NFL logos. Image:, @DenverBroncosFanHQSource: UGC. Image by Seattle Seahawks | NFL. A pop of color here, a new graphics dimension there. Feb 7, 2018. Quiz by Quizmaster. Image:, @SaintsFanHQSource: UGC. kyanmui15 +1. As the name suggests, the team is renowned for its robust defence. Its silver outline gives it a three-dimensional look and enhances the eagle’s aggressive look. The emblem contains the image of a right-facing Seahawk’s head. Whose logo is this? by firelordcraig Plays Quiz Updated Sep 6, 2020 . We've messed with each of the 32 teams' primary logos a little bit, but can you pick out the real from the fake? The logo’s simplicity makes it one of the easiest to identify in an NFL team quiz.
Then take the quiz and test your skills! The team kept some of the same colours, but changed the team’s nickname, as well as the logo. NFL or NFAIL? You might think it's easy enough, but remember - logos, along with their designs and colors, change often. The Denver Broncos are a part of the AFC. Romford Cowboys. The emblem has a somewhat cartoonish styling. Image:, @MinnesotaVikingsFanHQSource: UGC. This logo was used by an NFL franchise from 1980-1998, when they underwent a full re-brand a year or two after relocating to a different city. Whose logo is this? Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Some logos altered to remove text that would give away the answer. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Take this NFL logo quiz to find out how well you know the NFL logos. San Diego Seagulls. These uniforms, the jersey in particular, is what makes the team identifiable by other teams and fans.

It also includes a single five-pointed star which represents independence, tradition, courage, strength, and pride. 72. Answer must correspond to highlighted box. Level 37. The best-looking NFL teams logos. Sports Quiz / NFL Logos Random Sports or Numbers Quiz Can you name the teams in the NFL from their logos? Think YOU know your NFL teams? The Norseman’s braid was shortened, the moustache thickened, and a few shades of colour were altered. Ultimate NFL Logo Quiz! Denver Broncos. The Denver Broncos are a part of the AFC. Joshie_the_great. It is probably the most distinctively simple NFL team logo in the league. As the years go on, teams win, and teams lose, but the logos always remain as a symbol of our fandom! The team’s emblem is a white horse’s head with an orange mane and eye. The Patriots logo is a standard part of most NFL logo quiz questions. This particular logo has been used since 1996, and can finally be seen as good luck since they recently won their franchise’s first Super Bowl. Herne Bay Hypochondriacs . Here is a look at the best NFL team logos. 1. Test your NFL knowledge in this NFL team logo game. The National Football League got underway in 1920 when it was known as the American Professional Football Association and began with 11 teams. Blue widens the world, orange is leisurely, and yellow makes work easier. The best-looking NFL teams logos. Green Bay Packers.

The Vikings symbol is easily one of the most distinctive football logos in America. The bird is described as a resilient and tenacious fish-eating bird. The horse symbolizes thirst for triumph as well as sheer determination seen through its expression. 68. Test your NFL knowledge in this NFL team logo game. Here is a look at the best NFL team logos. In 2013, the emblem underwent some minor changes. The current Houston Texans emblem was unveiled in 2006. The Denver Broncos are a part of the AFC. After the emblem's initial design, a local artist from Seattle sent the team his version of the emblem which he felt adhered better to the design principles of the American Northwest.

If you consider yourself an elite NFL fan, then it's time to step up and see how many of these NFL teams you can identify from only a small portion of a logo. Big 4 Most Championship Appearances. Mar 2, 2018. A quiz on all 32 NFL teams and how well you know these sports logos. Dallas Cowboys. Image:, @PhiladelphiaEaglesFansSource: UGC. Guess the team name, not the city . The Steelers’ emblem is easily recognizable from its three multi-coloured stars. 66. The emblem is split to resemble Texas’ flag in blue, red, and white. The outline of the entire emblem is blue. Here is a look at the best NFL team logos. Ultimate NFL Logo Quiz! Some stick and some fail! Portland Pigeons. Rate: Featured Quiz …


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