robot wars razer
As Razer drove over the floor flipper, it activated, throwing Razer up into the air and back into the flipper mechanism. However, in Series 5, Razer had to go through the qualifiers, because only eight spots were available for the robots that did not reach the Semi-Finals of Series 4, so the eight remaining seeds wer… Smoke was clearly coming from S3 as it was carried around. The judges ruled in favour of Razer, however Simon and Vincent believed the decision to be unfair, as Razer was clearly immobile, and Tornado should have been freed by the Refbot. Participation Information Razer pushed Attila the Drum into Behemoth in an attempt to crush through it, but this failed. Cyrax broke free, and went after it with the pickaxe, but the blows that hit Razer did no damage, and Razer was fast enough to avoid it as it reversed. [12] As the Robot Wars television series evolved and grew, Razer's design was revised and refined to counter weaknesses and take advantage of rule changes; by series four, Lewis estimated that Razer had taken 1,500 hours to build, at a cost of £1,600.[13]. Razer attacks Sir Killalot during its Pinball Warrior run. Razer scratches the outside of Backstabber.

[25][26] Outside of the main UK championship, Razer won the concurrent Pinball Warrior Tournament side event and retained the Best Design award. Razer also fought Lightning. The closing moments of the Series 6 Grand Final between Razer and Tornado. Moving in reverse and with the bottom of the dome on Razer's wedge, Razer was able to reposition itself so that the tip of the beak could slice into Milly-Ann Bug. UK Series Razer continued to hold onto Drillzilla in the last ten seconds of the battle, with Refbot joining in the count. In addition, Razer had an adjustable 'torsion bar' suspension that allowed very precise positioning of the front wedge 'snout', ultimately allowing it to lower or raise the wedge. The arm is also an integral element of Razer's winged self-righting mechanism, which rolls the robot back onto its wheels if inverted. There, Razer met Spawn Again, the third time they had fought Team Scutterbots. The battle started quickly, with Razer buffeting Behemoth up as the two collided. It couldn't crush through its opponent's flipper and both robots were overturned by the remaining Gemini twin. Sir Killalot started to attack Rick, but Razer went behind the House Robot and attacked it. However, on account of its unique design and engineering, it was voted for the Best Design Award by its fellow competitors, which it won. Excluding Terrorhurtz, Razer was one of only three robots to appear in a Grand Final and then not return for the following series, the others being, Razer is one of only seven robots to break two hundred points in a Pinball tournament. Razer crushed this spot, causing a large hole to form at the back of Aggrobot. It did not get its flipper in to flip, and Razer turned to face Raging Reality, allowing Brutus Maximus to get away, pushing past Razer as it did so.

The two of them built Razer together, with Ian Lewis doing the electronics and Simon Scott being responsible for the bodywork and the hydraulics. However, it had driven right next to a spike, and this obstructed its escape. Razer lifted Robochicken into the air, carrying it towards the flame pits, but Velocirippa rammed into the airborne Robochicken and knocked it from Razer's claw. It then targeted the 75 point target, guarded by Dead Metal.
However, Bigger Brother's wedge was difficult for Razer to reach, and Razer could only pierce small holes in Bigger Brother's base. However, the team did not do as well in this season, losing their first match to the eventual champion Bite Force on a unanimous Judges' decision. The two robots remained hooked together for well over the 30-second holding limit, before cease was called. Bash and grab the front of Tornado's frame, pushing it back.

It also took part in two exhibition battles. Assured of victory, Razer proceeded to attack Matilda, causing horrific damage to Matilda's bodywork and rear shell, and then pushed her over a flame pit to set her on fire.

Gillie Blood said after the battle that she would have lots of time to repair Widow's Revenge, claiming she would never make hot dinners for Team Razer again, and that she would put Ian Lewis' bed in the shed, while Emily Cathcart told Craig Charles that 'The war continues on a domestic level'. Razer in Extreme 2, with new front wheels and a shot of the hook adaptation. Onslaught was the first to right itself, but Razer landed on top of Spawn of Scutter's wedge and was overturned again by the Essex machine's spike. Razer went onto become the 4th seed for Series 5. Thus, Razer was born. After a little bit of sizing-up each other, Razer grabbed hold of the other Gemini twin by the flipping arm. [8], Razer's hydraulic system pumped pressurised liquid, as opposed to pneumatics where a force is generated by the controlled release of a pressurised gas. In the second round, it faced fellow UK representative Tornado, in a rematch from the All-Stars Final. Matilda shuffled back and forth slightly, and Razer clawed another hole in her side. Razer drags Milly-Ann Bug across the flames. Razer also competed in the American television series BattleBots,[3] winning three of its five head-to-head battles and the 1999 Gigabot Rumble. Big Nipper turned and escaped from Razer, one of it pincers having bent. Razer had a modification of its own in the form of a hook so it could lift Tornado by the cage. However, Tornado drove into the CPZ itself and Dead Metal came in, pushing Tornado back. Sir Killalot and Sgt. As Razer struggled to move, the ramrig closed in. After some more dodging, the three met in the centre of the arena, Onslaught missed a flip and used its raised scoop to push Razer away, whilst Attila was still spinning. During Extreme 1, the armour was upgraded, the transmission improved and a heavier wedge was added to the front of Razer to allow it to drive robots on to the immediate mercy of its claw (it used this to great effect against Firestorm, Dantomkia and Tornado) making it viciously nimble and accurate. The six robots drove around the arena for a little while before Vercingetorix was rammed by Behemoth, Onslaught and Spawn of Scutter simultaneously. Again, Tornado tried a front-on attack, but Razer's wedge got under Tornado's scoop again, and the defending World Champion forced its opponent into the pit release. Firestorm 3 turned around and charged at Razer again.


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