safe portfolio configuration

SAFe is employed by a large number of the world’s largest organizations for three proven reasons: Let’s take an in-depth look at SAFe, including: Short for Scaled Agile Framework, SAFe is a foundational platform that allows Agile to be scalable for enterprise systems and software. The flow is usually initiated by a customer request or requirement and ends with delivery. In the past, the release manager would focus on planning, development and testing phases. It includes a foundation, with team and program levels. For example, a single ART building a medical device of modest scale will likely have one or more suppliers and a solution intent to manage compliance. manage the team backlog in a centralized location. Once you have identified the best approach to take, you must be ‘all-in’. SAFe dramatically increases quality and productivity.

A systems team, also known as a design-build-test (or D/B/T) team, is responsible for testing and delivering software once every two weeks.

This comprises team, project, portfolio and large solutions and makes room for value streams throughout the journey. It supports building large, integrated solutions that typically require hundreds of people or more to develop and maintain. Activate the Agile - Scaled Agile Framework - Portfolio SAFe plugin (com.snc.sdlc.portfolio_safe) if you have the admin role. An error has occurred. Portfolio SAFe works at three levels for The agile release train is the primary means of delivering value during a PI. Increase your value (and command higher pay), Apply SAFe to scale lean and agile development in the enterprise, Plan and successfully execute program increments, Execute and release value through agile release trains, Build an agile portfolio with lean-agile budgeting, Integrate and work with other teams on the ART, Perform as a member of an agile team on an ART, Using Scrum and Kanban to facilitate team events, Apply lean-agile mindset and SAFe principles and practices, Write epics, capabilities, features and stories, Prioritize work to deliver value to the enterprise, Develop an enterprise transformation plan, Extend the lean-agile portfolio by launching additional ARTs, Assist an organization with change management practices. The technical path through the architectural runway, Overall ability to scale with program needs, The ability to (finally) get all teams in alignment on a single project.

There is no specific version for this documentation. Essential SAFe is most basic configuration of the framework and it provides the minimal elements necessary to be successful with SAFe. Like Scrum, SAFe offers a flexible, evolving framework in which incremental milestones are met to complete a larger project. For industries that specialize in large, complex systems, but do not require considerations at the portfolio level—like government and defense—large solution SAFe may be the appropriate choice. Train and coach an enterprise through a SAFe transformation. from features.

manage the portfolio backlog in a centralized location. Examine the results in detail during an inspect and adapt session.
This is the same as essential SAFe with a large solutions level added in place of the portfolio level.

Today’s release management team needs to interface with operations, customer success, support, sales, product management and marketing functions rather than just with development and QA. The certified SAFe program consultant is a change agent who leads all levels of an organizations through a Lean-Agile transformation by training, coaching, facilitating and mentoring.

Note: Matches in titles are always highly ranked.

Portfolio SAFe provides portfolio strategy and investment funding, Agile portfolio operations, and Lean governance. This makes it an excellent choice for developers who want to branch out into enterprise solutions, or for any organization that needs to restructure their development framework and processes. A certified SAFe practitioner is responsible for using Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme programming (XP) in a SAFe environment. For more on this and related topics, explore these resources: Human skills like collaboration and creativity are just as vital for DevOps success as technical expertise.

The responsibilities of the RTE are to: The UX designer is responsible for providing design elements to the agile teams. A certified SAFe agilest (SA) strategically guides the adoption, success and ongoing improvement of lean-agile culture in an enterprise. The available release versions for this topic are listed. Portfolio SAFe Portfolio SAFe provides portfolio strategy and investment funding, Agile portfolio operations, and Lean governance. Full SAFe Full SAFe represents the most comprehensive configuration. You have multiple teams running their own agile adaptations, but without consistency. Please try again or contact, The topic you requested does not exist in the. We have also provided new guidance for applying SAFe in a government context. This servant-leader plays a critical role by applying expert knowledge of SAFe. by accessing the, As a team member, you can plan and monitor activities within the team by accessing Kirstie has spent much of the past 15 years working at a strategic level as an ITSM consultant. SAFe certification is a valuable commodity in today’s competitive employment market. Large development initiatives, or epics, will span across agile release trains and assist in defining the development need to realize the identified themes. Apply SAFe Elements to Other Configurations. They key areas of competency for the SA are: Who’s it for: The certification is recommended for CEOs, program or project managers, scrum masters, team leads, release train engineers, business analysts, agile coaches, CIOs, portfolio managers, consultants, engineers, change agents, and solution or systems architects. Environment.

As in other agile ways, each team will consist of 5-9 members working toward a specific programming goal. These types of epics are managed in a Kanban system. Kirstie first qualified as an V2 ITIL Manager in 2004 and spent four years working as the Chief Editor for itSMF International from 2012 where she built a strong global network of service management experts. Who’s it for: This certification is recommended for program or project managers, scrum masters, release train engineers, business analysts, agile coaches, SAFe program consultants, development managers, product owners, product managers, architects, and  consultants.
Boulder, CO 80301 USA, Privacy Policy Use of this site signifies your acceptance of BMC’s, Business epics are customer facing, while architectural epics are technology solutions and are not visible to customers. At the Team level, team members can implement stories that are decomposed To learn more about the levels, see the SAFe Board section below. This is the most common iteration of SAFe, often simply referred to as SAFe.


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