salvation in a sentence
You can also donate a car, truck, RV or boat to the Salvation Army, and receive a tax break in the process! This is the charter of the Church, and its acceptance is the first requisite for salvation; for the Church determines doctrine, exercises discipline and administers sacraments. On top of the wardrobe was his father's Salvation Army model small bore trombone. So look for someone who 's single-minded about salvation. Assuming that man is free to perform or not to perform any act whatever, Molina maintains that this circumstance renders the grace of God neither unnecessary nor impossible: not impossible, for God never fails to bestow grace upon those who ask it with sincerity; and not unnecessary, for grace, although not an efficient, is still a sufficient cause of salvation. Thus Plato remarks: "I see that the state in which the law is above the rulers, and the rulers are the inferiors of the law, has salvation.". The salvation list of example sentences with salvation. "So, give it to something like the Salvation Army afterward," he suggested. Bancroft, " was to make the savages work out their own salvation and that of the priests also.". The agent or means that brings about such deliverance. Anyone may employ as many exhortations and arguments as he pleases, toward the promoting of another man's salvation.

He was a fellow of the Royal Society, a writer on varied topics to the reviews and the author of the hymn "Lord of our Life and God of our Salvation.
All Rights Reserved. There is, for instance, no difficulty in deriving the Arab meaning of " revelation " from the common Aramaic " salvation," and this transference must have taken place in a community for which salvation formed the central object of faith, i.e. On the one hand, it may be said that one general theme - the salvation and final prosperity of the righteous - is visible throughout the work, that God is everywhere represented as the supreme moral governor of the world, and that the conception of immortality is found in both parts; the second part, though differing in form from the first, may be regarded as the historical illustration of the principles set forth in the latter. , Right before being executed, the killer prayed for forgiveness and salvation. The contributions of the Old Testament to Christian eschatology embrace these features: "(I) The manifestation or advent of God; (2) the universal judgment; (3) behind the judgment the coming of the perfect kingdom of the Lord, when all Israel shall be saved and when the nations shall be partakers of their salvation; and (4) the finality and eternity of this condition, that which constitutes the blessedness of the saved people being the Presence of God in the midst of them - this last point corresponding to the Christian idea of heaven" (A. Despairing, as it would seem, of discovering the higher wisdom that the more philosophic of the priests supposed that religion to conceal, the simpler-minded sought to work out their own salvation by restoring the worship of the gods to its most primitive forms. When Mr Gladstone suddenly adopted the cause of Home Rule for Ireland, he "found salvation," to use his own phrase, and followed his leader. Without this visible Church there is no salvation.

Occam was a sincere Franciscan, and believed with his master that salvation was won through rigid imitation of Jesus in His poverty and obedience, and up to his days it had always been possible for Franciscans to follow the rules of their founder within his order.'. Anyone who has ever visited a charity thrift store, like the Salvation Army or Goodwill, recognizes that charities take used furniture. with the amice, "Place on my head the helmet of salvation," &c. For the symbolic meanings of the various vestments see the separate articles devoted to them. The upper classes of Europe in the same spirit applauded what they called the salvation of society by the _coup d'etat_, the massacre on the Boulevards and the lawless deportation of the leaders of the working men in France. Initially the religious innovations of Edward's reign reflected the Lutheran doctrines on. 5, &c.), was that Judaism was not necessary for salvation, for " the pious of all nations have a share in the world to come " (Tosephta, Sanh. The Salvation Army operates stores that accept donations of household goods, clothing, books and even furniture. Another influential local figure was William Booth, founder of the, 53.

salvation from sin was not thought of under that term. Society, he earnestly pleaded, can only find salvation by a return to Christianity and to the fold of the Roman Catholic Church. Cassianus was one of the first and most prominent of the Semi-Pelagians, maintaining that while man is by nature sinful, he yet has some good remaining in him, and that, while the immediate gift of God's grace is necessary to salvation, conversion may also be begun by the exercise of man's will. French Translation of “salvation” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. According to Calvinism God's election unto salvation is absolute, determined by His olyn inscrutable will according to Arminianism it is conditional, dependent on man's use of grace. He did not minutely analyse the doctrine of predestination as Luther, Calvin and Zwingli did, contenting himself with the summary "Our Salvation is of God, our perdition of ourselves.".


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