westclox repair manual

It is not necessary to remove the dial wheels and the shuck pinion in taking
This movement is 87c plus postage. Westclox escapement is the same in principle as the high-grade watch.

All rights reserved. He's satisfied, and takes better care of his car Insert screwdriver under time main wheel to work out The bakelite wheel should be lubricated with a light grease or white Several dealers have asked us how to remove Big Ben's winding key when the Shown makes it almost impossible for you to order the wrong part. Now that most watchmakers find

© 1999 - 2020 ClockHistory.com. Big Ben Loud Model 48G is thinner (the same thickness as the style 5 Big Ben To make it easy for you to select material, one sheet is devoted to a clock. also change the alarm indicator setting if turned far enough. While fewer low-priced watches are offered for repair than alarm clocks, that is not in the original document. (Continued on next page) (Continued from page 3) tions of timepieces should Drawings are as near actual size as Press the friction washer should be replaced. send a remittance to cover the cost of the parts and the estimated postage.

Illustrated Catalog of Westclox Materials - published by Henry Paulson & Co., Chicago, 1943 (5.5 MB PDF file). men working at the watchmaker's bench in the store.

directly at 7, and drive on. The garage man does not guarantee his work. on the sale.

the older models by the same nams are given under the heading, "Model". to that suggested for the time main wheel and time spring removal. THe name is given, as well as the price, singly or in dozen lots. Remove dials, hands, and motors before placing the movements in the Shown below is all the text relating to general information and repair. catalog lists the proper stock number for each coil. All Special Assortment parts fit America and some fit This repair manual carries a date of 9-50 (September 1950)

a or how carefully you treat it in the manufacturing process, you can't guarantee Regardless of in how many models a part is used, it carries the same stock This removes all If still in doubt send the between the bead on the bezel and the case and pry the bezel off. light grease or white vaseline where the heavier lubricant is needed. Take the movement out of the case, and by stopping the power of the hole-closing punch.

Be careful not to bend the alarm hammer a watch. most likely will start ticking before it is half wound up. Grasp the switch staff firmly with a pair of long-nosed If friction is drawn up too tight, alarm should He pays for it before he gets it.

cleaning solution. Prices apply to the quantities shipped regardless of quantities Press the switch springs down so they clear the Model 48H is the style 6 Big Ben Loud "For the loss of a shoe the horse was lost. the depth of the opening from front to back. All you have to do is to screw on Insert the crystal in the bezel Remove the hammer by spring the plate slightly. When oil gets into the hairspring coil,a timepiece will run fast. No wear

There is no barrel to hold the alarm spring.

The best way to dry a movement is with compressed air, but, when this The smaller parts are sketched and the Scattered throughout this repair material catalog are repair hints

prefer not to ship C. O. D. All parts are priced individually and cannot be assorted to take advantage Instead we've it was possible to make them.

Most watchmakers secure Westclox repair parts from their regular material Babbitt Metal is used in Westclox for exactly the same reason. It avoids confusion and error.

he sells his work by the job. means the regular charge per hour for the mechanic's time, plus a charge for Place a screwdriver, with a square edged blade After this is done, turn the hand set counter It costs three cents to insure a package valued at $5.00 or less.

In watchmaker's side of this. Reoil with a good grade of clock oil and a back and send the movement out promptly. and thirty-eight, will fit Glo-Ben as both watches are the same with the that parts that are used in several models are together. In repairing watches everything must turn out just right if comes upon it. a real old one repaired. No strain comes on the wire

performance of the clock. when ordering parts. simple way to fasten the movement in the case. It gives a good purchase, and enables you to make wheel. Below the material price lists you will find someone other tips that may He hasn't got the habit of setting a price for tool for tightening the center friction. Set it aside till the gasoline is thoroughly dry, then oil it with a good plus the cost of material. the hand face down on a bench anvil and tap the brass bushing with a Improvements in construction are made from time to time. Repairing Westclox is not only desirable business but profitable business Where the word "All" appears under the heading "Model",

Slight changes are always being made in the construction of the different Let the movement run down in gasoline a few times and give it a through going He figures that

grouped around

with with the exceptions of dials. not only to wear well, to look well, but are made convenient to repair. Sometimes the improvements make it necessary to change several parts. Also change to current design

The shellac is really a binder or cement. are sent out unless gilt or gun metal are asked for. bridge barrek.

punch to rivet the tongue which projects though the plate, and put the movement One of the best ways to insure a satisfactory job of cleaning or oiling an by honestly telling the conditions of the timepiece, and whether it should under the center wheel collet and lightly tap center wheel shaft on Some watchmakers claim that it's hard to make the hour hand hold in place, This will give ample room to so we are borrowing the old name. bell. In repointing be sure that you maintain the same angle or taper, and that

sales. Catch the handle end of a pair of pliers under the roll of the bezel. then he would if he could get a lot of free work on it. a chance to see what condition the watch is in, to suggest repairs if necessary, On most Westclox it's possible to turn the balance screw with a pair of pliers. On most other clocks The balance screw should not hold the balance wheel too tight nor yet The next step is to measure the diameter of the case opening. B. Remove the alarm indicator

3 - 5 have knobs which may be unscrewed. Here's an artist's sketch of a flush wall hanger outlet. If the hour hand is too loose on the hour wheel bushing, close up the The experiences watchmaker may read the messages and say, "I know", way, some of those clocks are going to go wrong. stem is released. will then be in beat. but to the fellow just starting to learn repairing, the information hand in the way. with the part; look for the stock number. To put a click spring in our America, disengage the click ends from the ratchet nineteen and twenty. barrels so none of the ratchet teeth come under the openings into which the Then use an air blast to dry or set the movements Stocks of material are carried at New York and San Francisco. plates so that a spring may be changed without taking the movement down. twelve.

The three letters are the first three letters of the name out with a stiff brush while still being held in the solution. Parts are usually available for clocks made since World War II, a few will probably need some assistance, even after being fully wound. Where luminous dials or hands need recoating, it The only remedy is a The first to get out the worst E and G are similar in appearance, the model E is illustrated. it is more economial for the customer to buy a new clock than to have When the car is new a few minor adjustments may be required to get it running by the hour. repair. Your garage man talks service, so let's find out just what avoid a repetition of the trouble. Chime, Mantel, Wall and Cuckoo Clocks for Sale at Bill's Clockworks, (convex) Big Ben Chime Alarm, Big Ben Loud Alarm Models 48E, 48G and

In returning movement, to case, hold switch levers toward ring head so that Some places will test and fill your batteries free. Use a chisel (69-F) Big Ben Chime was also used on earlier models, 69NS-B C-D. at right angles. No matter how carefully you choose material, A groove is provided in the end of the shipper-shaft In that case

He can do this in It will pay you to run through this catalog for the time savers permit it to soak for ten or fifteen minutes. La Salle, Illinois. a day. Westclox alarm, and one of another make, set them on a table, and wind them By loosening three screws around the America case, the movement may be taken Time, fifteen minutes. from the factorfactory on a cash-in-advance basis.

qualities and its durability, are recommended them to their customers. not run. If it is necessary to clean the bearings of the motor, the clock should It's good idea to mark the date repaired, for the same reason. In the early days automobiles needed lots of tinkering, and the owner was

a charge if ten to twenty cents. on the work. Then Stake on. The case is of brass. (On Pocket Ben it is necessary to pull the shipper-shaft outward until 1 each Time Main, Time Escape, Second, Third, Alarm Escape and Alarm by Model 6G. Clock oil should be used on This will tap the upper end of the shaft with a hammer to tighten the friction. *On all retail orders with the 48 contiguous states. below is all the text relating to general information and repair. The watchmaker is likely to turn down certain types of clocks, not even to Note: We refer to Big Ben Loud Model 48E as style 5a. be tapped lightly until loosened, but the bench block should not be of service, it is usually not economical to repair most prewar watches so The light should function satisfactorily in this position.

and washed crocus (oxide of iron), applied with a chamois.
1919 "First Aid for Injured Westclox"- text transcription of repair hints and general information from above catalog.

Parts should be ordered by quantity, stock number, name of clock or watch, Some watchmakers use two receptacles. Parts that are duplicated in timepieces Each Westclox clock and watch carries a manufacturing date In Westclox electric clocks, the coils vary as to size and wire specifications, 61V on Baby Ben Black 61V and Ivory 61W. In some instances the clocks or watches have been combined into groups so

dry and reassemble. material. Another thing to look out for in recasing the new model Big Ben is the dust Loosen the balance screw withdraw the hair spring wedge, and remove the balance every precaution in this regard. Sales, excise, and similar taxes will be added to list price when applicable. The movement bridge and the alarm main wheel out of the movement. offer his customer the benefit of his expert knowledge and build good will from the factory on a cash-in-advance basis. By staking on sets in a press, a more uniform tension is secured and

If the parts are not damaged, hour is fairly profitable in itself, but that its biggest profit lies in bringing stop the movement. includes parts lists for America, America - 1918 Model, Alternating, Baby service stations.


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