xml vs json vs yaml vs toml

I mean, how could I not like that, eh? Also, often I write code in comments for the future. Weder XML noch JSON haben eine eingebaute Möglichkeit, dies zu tun. But this post is not about choosing a format for Hugo. Formats such as INI, XML, JSON, YAML, TOML. :). In the case of JSON, it is just plain so widely supported there are many reasons to use it just for that reason. I chose TOML (see below).

In the Rust world, you should use TOML.

That's why we have just plain text configuration files instead of binaries. Im Dokument werden jetzt Elemente von weiteren XML Sprachen verwendet. The experience reports I've read of YAML have always been... dreadful. A lot of your points in this post seem to be summarized by "our JSON implementation is deficient and also we're using JSON for things it wasn't meant to be used for". The difference is the "j" line has a comma at the end. YAML just feels the most natural to write and read. Which format do you guys use for config, including your own config files: yaml or toml? Wie man JSON-Daten mit Curl von Terminal/Commandline an Spring REST testet. Also, what about comments? I welcome the debate. Update: 2015-07-01: Updated table (TOML is typed), and added row for "Awesome name". Of course, the fact that I am "Tom L." sure makes me favor this format. As easy as TOML is, it's yet another configuration type. The other difference is around comments. Use what you like and what solves your problem. However I do like it a lot. And there is a problem with YAML format: Text editors abilities somewhere in prod server or at customer workstation can be really restricted. Ich stimme Joe zu. für die Interaktion mit Javascript verwenden Sie json. At work I would pick YAML since we already use it for docker compose, travis ci configurations, and ansible. This is forbidden in JSON. Bei der BBC hatten wir einige Projekte "JSON-only", nur um herauszufinden, dass Java-Entwickler, die auf unsere API zugreifen wollten, uns anflehten, eine einfache XML-API bereitzustellen, weil sie so viele Werkzeuge für XML haben. May I suggent ron? All of that turns YAML's beautifully simple format into a nightmare unsuitable for human editing. Schreiben Sie sie auf Keilschrifttafeln aus? Using nonstandard things and labeling it as a standard thing is like putting antifreeze in a Mountain Dew bottle in your refrigerator for safe keeping.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. YAML is a much more human friendly format than JSON.

So if you need to send the file over network, Json may be the better choise, or if you want to be able to read it, XML is better. --Sincerely, Tom L.]. I'd stick with toml, in my experience yaml parsers aren't all equal. The spec is much simpler and has fewer issues. Here’s some thoughts on which one to pick. Configuration files should be able to be edited outside of the development environment. I prefer not to fight with these editors spaces formatting settings to save edited config with appropriated spaces. Wählen Sie YAML, wenn Sie in einer Umgebung arbeiten, die viel YAML-Unterstützung bietet. However the comments we needed to add don't fit into that paradigm. XML ist aber im Gegensatz zu JSON und YAML eine Markupsprache. Davon abgesehen, kenne ich Ihr System nicht, daher ist es schwer zu sagen, was das Richtige ist. Much more readable and less indentation required. Personally I'm trying to narrow the file formats in our system down to two: one used for machine-to-machine communication (that is still human readable), and the other that is human-generated (or at least human-updated) for machine consumption (like configuration files).

Press J to jump to the feed. JSON is a valid subset of JavaScript, Python, and YAML. It's what everyone uses and it's consistent. TOML feels anything but obvious to me; I have to look up the format spec every time I deal with it, if it's any more complicated than flat sections. The primary reason - I don't really like that invisible characters impacts to the file content. Supporting ambiguity slows things down and leads to other problems. You know it's poison and everyone else may end up killing themselves on it. "Tom", in this case, is Tom Preston-Werner, founder and former CEO of GitHub. What if it's not me? [If you are unfamiliar with TOML, it is Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language. Subtile Unterschiede können und werden Sie stolpern. That's why we have just plain text configuration files instead of binaries. YAML, if you implement the entire standard, has a complex way of representing specific types and even supports repetition with pointers. 30 2015 [This is still only draft quality but I think it is worth publishing at this point.] In operations often we need to be able to temporarily comment out a few lines, or include ad hoc messages. Cool! Was das "Speichern von Feeds" angeht, weiß ich auch nicht, was du damit meinst. Having to quote strings (and especially keys)? The only special characters allowed in bare keys are '_' and '-'. I'm very optimistic about TOML and look forward to seeing it get to a 1.0 standard. The most common complaint being that various libraries (especially across languages) always interpreted the file in subtly different ways. Wow. [This is still only draft quality but I think it is worth publishing at this point.]. Can you see the difference? Sie erklären die Daten im Feed, aber was machen Sie dann mit diesen Feeds? It is difficult to safely operate a large complex system and one of the ways we protect ourselves if by diff'ing versions of configuration files. Was ich empfehlen würde ist, die Daten in eine Perl-Datenstruktur zu ziehen und dann "Formatierer" zu haben, die wissen, wie man diese Datenstruktur zu der gewünschten Ausgabe serialisiert. Why only two choices? It is a requirement for using those platforms. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The value of a standard is in it's standardnesss. Sie müssen also eher eine Bibliothek finden und einführen. By including them, they could be proofread by coworkers. This makes it incompatible with json/yaml structs. Nur weil Sie derzeit nicht von anderen Projekten abhängig sind, werden Sie in Zukunft wahrscheinlich mit ihnen interagieren?

This has serious human-factors consequences in an operational environment. Sie interessierten sich nicht einmal für Namensräume, Attribute oder irgendetwas anderes; Sie wollten nur diese Winkel.

In Listing 5 wurde die gleiche Bestellung mit weiteren XML Features versehen. Everyone knows JSON. Almost everyone uses TOML so it makes sense to keep it consistent. The only problem is that the spec has yet to reach a 1.0, but supposedly the 1.0 spec will be backwards compatible with the existing spec so it shouldn't matter. At work I personally use JSON, because we use JSON for other config files there. That works with TOML (and probably a ton of others) too, unless I'm missing something.I do this in a small Rust project: I guess I'm an outlier; I really prefer YAML. If you only use for rust project, your config struct can direct serialize and deserilize. But I'll stick to the facts: sensible JSON parsers allow trailing commas and comments, which seems to nullify most of your argument here.
If you aren't able to upgrade to the latest version of Visual Studio, there is a handy online tool that you can use to get around this. Was ist der Unterschied zwischen YAML und JSON? Ihre Verwendung benötigt es jedoch nicht. Außerdem sind JSON und YAML nicht exakt mit XML austauschbar. If a standard is non standard then it's not so useful and ends up getting you in unexpected places, in unexpected ways at unexpected times... .exactly the sort of things operations typically tasked with working to avoid. Es gibt gute Bibliotheken für alle in allen Sprachen; einige von ihnen sind eingebaut, andere nicht. Was mir erscheint, ist sehr geeignet zum Speichern von Einstellungen und Daten einer Anwendung. November nycdevops meetup: DevSecOps and supply chain attack.

Da keine Interoperabilitätsprobleme bestehen, glaube ich nicht, dass da viel drin ist. On the other hand, strictly formatted formats like JSON are, in theory, faster to parse. In case of phone customer support The person who I ask to edit configs might be not very familiar with this tricky spaces stuff. The real alternative to toml that you should consider is json, but I believe toml is a much better languange for config files than json as well. Also, the name of the format IS MY FREAKIN' NAME which is totally awesome. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. YAML vs JSON. April showers bring May Flowers... but May brings... Thu, Nov 19 NYCDEVOPS meetup: John Allspaw on "Learning From Incidents", Oct 15 NYC DevOps Meetup: "Introduction to Site Reliability Engineering" by Nathen Harvey, Adarsh Shah on "Continuous Delivery for Machine Learning" (September NYCDEVOPS Meetup). I like colons rather than equal signs. Wie parst und verarbeitest du HTML/XML in PHP? This is not just a personal preference. I don't see those features in: python, golang, or the "jq" command. TOML vs. JSON. I could imagine that some more would be nice to have without switching to quoted keys. So, uh, don't do that?


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