Wishing all a Healthy and a Happy New Near

With the beginning of new year we all make too many resolutions, but however as the year progresses few are kept upto. It is therefore important to make resolutions or changes which are easy and practical.

I am not going to stress on what changes one should implement this year but definitely highlight a very important issue Alcohol, being aware of the calories each alcoholic drink has, so that we can make a small change through this year of selecting the alcoholic drink we want to consume and exactly being aware of the amount of calories each one has.

Refer to the table below, to learn more facts about high and low calories about each drink to make a better choice the next time you choose a drink.

Alcoholic Drink Amount Calories
Beer 500ml 184
Lager 500ml 180
Cider 500ml 200
Whisky 100ml 220
Gin 100ml 220
Brandy 100ml 220
Rum 100ml 220
Wine red 100ml 70
Wine white dry 100ml 65
Wine white medium 100ml 70
Wine white sweet 100ml 90
Wine white sparkling 100ml 74
Champagne 100ml 126

Apart from this the aerated drinks and sugary mixers added to the drinks also add up to a decent amount of calories. 

Alcohol gives only empty calories that means calories which have no nutritional value. Also the body metabolises alcohol first and all other metabolic processes come to standstill during this, the liver cannot metabolise sugar and fats effectively when the body has alcohol, hence the weight gain.

Also alcohol causes craving for fatty and unhealthy foods.

Hope this chart helps you all to make healthy choices.

Happy and healthy drinking!!!